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Chris Hemsworth is testing himself again with the new Disney+ docuseries, Limitless. What is it about?

The Disney+ streaming platform keeps the ranks of its relatives and continues to revive television series in an attempt not to lose its bite against its now established competitor Netflix which is preparing to release a new television series on Wednesday, kidnapping in the ranks Disney director Tim Burton. In fact, he recently released the brand new trailer for Limitless, the National Geographic docuseries starring Chris Hemsworth.

As the title of the docuseries, directed by Darren Aronofsky, suggests, the Disney star attempts to test the limits of the human body in an effort to push beyond the limits of his own body, now subject to the “limits” of aging, to discover the full potential of the human body. Among the creators of the series are Protozoa Pictures, Nutopia and Wild State of Chris Hemsworth and Ben Grayson. The six-episode series premieres November 16 on Disney+.

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The launch was accompanied by a few leaks of information to try to put the public loyal to the actor on their side, to understand how Limitless is positioned vis-à-vis the public.

What is it about ?

The docuseries is helmed by Oscar-nominated Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky and his production company Prozoa, Jane Root’s Nutopia and young actor Wild State. The series focuses on cutting edge science dealing with human longevity.
Each episode of Limitless puts the actor to the test as he possesses physical and mental prowess designed by world-renowned experts, scientists and doctors to unlock the aging process and stop it.

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Each challenge is carried out with the utmost precision and is based on innovative methods that are based on new research in the scientific field and on consolidated traditional research. Chris Hemsworth’s mission is to better understand the limits of the human body and discover how we can prolong health and happiness into old age.

The strength and charm of Chris Hemsworth

The actor was the key character in the creation of the series, thanks to his healthy lifestyle, Chris Hemsworth has always kept in shape and has always had adequate nutrition for the effort that his body has to endure every day: he has always taken care of his health also thanks to the role he played in all the Marvel films based on the character of Thor for years. Through this series, viewers will also be able to discover techniques to improve their health and their lives.

Chris Hemsworth decided not to just talk about scientific theories that could lengthen and improve his life but wanted to test them and do things with great fanfare. Each challenge is spectacular and unique such as: swimming more than 200 meters in an arctic fjord at very low temperature; climb a 30-meter rope suspended above a canyon and walk along a crane on top of a skyscraper. Obviously all this safely, we hope, for the actor.

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