Chiara Ferragni, ‘goodbye’ to Fedez: where she has been these days



Chiara Ferragni, after the Halloween party, the holidays without Fedez: fly to Jordan for the long weekend of November 1st. That’s who he was with.

In love, who travels wins but also who, although happy engaged – in this case married – is free. The couple formed by Chiara Ferragni, 35, and Federico Leonardo Lucia, alias Fedez, 33, are in excellent health. Married since September 4, 2018, the two young influencers love each other happily under the constant spotlight of social networks. And, speaking of social media, we’ve seen how eventful these days have been for Fedez and Chiara, full of fun, joy and celebration. In recent hours, moreover, Chiara had published on her social networks photos of her stay in this dream city, also showing the delicacies tasted at dinner.

Chiara and Fedez absent for a few days – Solocine.it

After the party on October 31, in view of Halloween, Chiara left without her husband in the name of a destination she had coveted and courted for a long time.

Halloween party first

On the occasion of Halloween, Chiara Ferragni recreated the look of Christina Aguilera in the video clip Dirty, inspired by a great success from 20 years ago. Federico’s wife wore a look that was noticed and highly appreciated on social networks. Like a real pop star, Chiara wore a micro bikini, leather pants, 90s style and totally nude bottoms. The pants only reveal the underpants that bear the words “wicked”, which can be translated as “bad girl”.

Jordan, a dream place

Traveling without his family. Chiara Ferragni is in Jordan with her party, while her children and her husband Fedez have remained in Milan. As she shows on her Instagram profile, the digital entrepreneur flew to Jordan around All Saints’ Day. A few hours ago, Chiara had published photos of her stay in the Arab country, showing her followers also the dishes she was able to enjoy and taste for dinner. His crew consists of his inseparable friends and influencers such as Chiara Biasi, Martina Maccherone and Veronica Ferraro, with their inseparable team. As Chiara writes on social media: “Petra. It was a dream of mine to visit this place for so long and today I did it,” he wrote in a copy of the post on Instagram where he shows enchanting photos of the destination.

Chiara Ferragni in Jordan – Solocine.it

The photos show a Chiara satisfied with the enchanting places she visited and which fully reflected her dream, as she herself says in the post on Instagram. From the evening, the toasts and the selfies to the magic of the Arab land, Ferragni enjoyed the company and the dream came true.

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