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How many “Game of Thrones” derivatives can fit on a single broadcaster? Apparently a lot. HBO has at least six projects pre-developed from the vast Dragon Universe already, and in case you’re feeling a bit lost, we understand and are here to help. Therefore, we have prepared this list which details what we know so far about the broadcaster’s ambitious plans to continue tailoring the creation of George RR Martin.

House of the Dragon Cast (Credits: Culture Crave)

The first (and, so far, the only) spinoff series officially confirmed for a full season, “ House of the Dragon ” will bring a world of Westeros ruled by the Targaryen family, some 300 years before the events of “ Game of Thrones ”. The story will recount the events of the Dance of the Dragons, a Targaryen civil war that developed following a succession crisis after the death of King Viserys I. On the one hand, there was Princess Rhaenyra, supported by the Greens; on the other, his half-brother, Aegon II, supported by the negroes.

“ House of the Dragon ” is slated for release in 2022, with filming set to begin in April this year. Ryan Condal (“Colony”) and director Miguel Sapochnik (acclaimed for his work on GoT) will be the showrunners, and the cast includes Matt Smith (Daemon Targaryen), Emma D’Arcy (Rhaenyra), Paddy Considine (Viserys), Steve Toussaint (Lord Corlys Velaryon) and Rhys Ifans (Otto Hightower).

Dunk & Egg – The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

The project revealed by Variety is based on the tales of Dunk & Egg (published in Brazil under the title “The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”). The stories take place 90 years before “ Game of Thrones ” and follow the adventures of Knight Ser Duncan the Great with his young squire Egg, who will grow up to be King Aegon V, 15th to sit on the Iron Throne. Aegon was one of the younger brothers of Master Aemon, from Night’s Watch, played by Peter Vaughan. Ser Duncan is one of Brienne de Tarth’s ancestors.

“Dunk & Egg” is in the early stages of development and no creative team is announced. When the first possible fallout was speculated about two years ago, George RR Martin had written on his blog that he was against an adaptation of the tales at the time, as he still planned to write three more stories on the duo and wouldn’t. as a version for television to advance again on his writings. So far, however, there is no news about the launch of possible new tales.

10,000 ships


Of all the projects HBO has considered, this one is the furthest from the main series timeline – roughly a thousand years before Game of Thrones. According to a report released by Deadline, she still has no Creative Teams announced, and what is known about her is only the working title (Ten Thousand Ships). From here, however, it’s possible to conclude which story the supposed series intends to tackle: that of Queen Nymeria dos Roinares and her arrival in Dorne.

The Roinares were the people who lived on the banks of the Roine, considered the most powerful river in the world of this universe, located in Essos. When the region was conquered by the Valyrians after a bloody war, Nymeria rounded up her people on ten thousand ships and fled to Westeros – culminating in Dorne. There she burned the ships so no one could return, took Mors Martell as her husband, and ruled the region for nearly two decades. Around this time, the roaring customs were acquired by the Dornishmen, making these brave warriors.

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Considered a brave warrior, Nymeria survived 12 attempts against her life, two rebellions and two invasions of foreign kings. The project will likely tell the story of this which was the last of the great migrations to Westeros, covering the events of the flight from the banks of the Roine to arrival in Dorne – including the journey and all its hardships.

9 trips

This possible series, also published by Deadline, has the participation of Bruno Heller, creator of “Roma” and “The Mentalist”. According to the publication, this is the project that is the most advanced, and should tell the story of the character Lord Corlys Velaryon – who will also be in the series ‘House of the Dragon’, played by Steve Toussaint.

Lord Corlys Velaryon, the sea serpent, was known for his travels across the seas of the world, in search of new horizons. A great explorer, he made nine voyages (aboard his ship, the Sea Serpent), going as far as all of Westerosi was yet gone. This is how he came to the fabulous lands of Yi Ti and Leng, whose wealth doubled that of Casa Velaryon in one trip.

Taking into account that the character will appear in “House of the Dragon”, it is believed that this is the project with the most chance to evolve and, in fact, go into production. So far, however, this is just one of many developing embryos.

Chip bottom

Lowland fleas

Also publicized by Deadline, this attraction is supposed to accompany the events of Baixada das Pulgas, the poorest region of Porto Real. There are still no great details on the project, since the title does not mention any specific event in the world of Westeros. However, this may be related to a proposal made by George RR Martin a few years ago for HBO.

At the time of the first spin-off developments, Martin revealed that he suggested to the broadcaster a series that would be temporarily located during the events of “ Game of Thrones, ” but that would accompany common characters in the realm and only occasionally mention them. protagonists of the game of thrones.

Animated series

An animated drama is in the early stages of development for HBO Max, according to The Hollywood Reporter. There are also no details of the history or names involved.

Robert’s rebellion

When Variety announced the possibility of adapting “Dunk & Egg,” Entertainment Weekly added by revealing that other projects were also being named, including one that would adapt Robert’s Rebellion. According to the magazine he wrote at the time, this would have the involvement of Bruno Heller, who is in charge of the possible series “9 Voyages”.

For now, an adaptation of Robert’s Rebellion is in the realm of rumor, and Heller’s own connection to another project raises doubts about this one.

From project to execution

It is important to note that, so far, only the “House of the Dragon” is confirmed to see the light of day. The first season, with ten episodes, is already guaranteed. The other projects mentioned in the article are exactly that: projects.

Previously, HBO even filmed the pilot episode of a series that would tell the origin story of the White Walkers, but this was rejected by station executives, who quickly guaranteed the green light for the plot. who would put the dragons back on the chain. screens.

While the sheer number of series cited can be daunting, HBO and HBO Max Programming President Casey Bloys seems to be aware of it. Are they trying to turn the canal into a “powerhouse of ice and fire”?

“I’d rather not say an arbitrary number,” Bloys said in an interview with EW. “I try to tell the teams the stories they want to tell. Are they characters who deserve to be highlighted? The number of sets I want is the number of sets that are good. I try to let this be our guide. If the series is good, we will do it. “

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