Check if you have this precious coin: it is even worth 200 thousand euros



There is a coin of the old lira which is really valuable. In fact, it could reach a value of 200 thousand euros: home check.

All have kept the expensive old liras, with several Italians still having some Italian coins. In addition, this coin could fetch up to 200,000 euros. How to recognize the precious coin.

All the details on the precious coin (Via WebSource)

You could all be in possession of rare coins, which could earn you a profit of 100,000 euros. In fact, the profit is due to an unusual typing error. Indeed, in the history of mankind, coins and banknotes represent a very important part of the society to which they belong and in many cases, as well as an emotional bond. Moreover, learning numismatics could also be a way to earn money just by simply searching through your wallet.

As with all collectibles, there is only one rule to keep in mind: the rarer, the greater the value, which is why the most valuable coins are very old, in this case those prior to the Kingdom of Italy, such as the Quadruple by Vittorio Amedeo I which is worth nearly 80 thousand euros. Even older and more valuable is the 10 Scudi coin from the regency of Charles Emmanuel II, which was sold some time ago for 150,000 euros. But there are also newer pieces that have great value, let’s see what they are. So today we will see the most prestigious of these pieces.

Precious currency, the old lira is worth 200 thousand euros: how to recognize it

How to recognize the precious coin (Via WebSource)

So there is a 100 lira coin that can be worth up to 200,000 euros. There are millions of Italians who could find it in an old drawer and not know that it is a real fortune. In fact, it has a value of 200,000 euros, so a real fortune. The numismatic market has many surprises in store since typing errors beyond the Mint’s meticulous control can make the difference and the happiness of a lucky few.

Today, we are talking about the Minerva 100 lira coin from 1954 with the inscription “prova”, it has a value of around 200,000 euros if it is in perfect condition. The coins present around are very few coins. However, few are the lucky ones who could have kept this piece in excellent condition and resold it to the most avid collectors. With this piece you can also buy a beautiful villa.

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