“Chase her immediately”, new storm to the GF Vip for a shock sentence: eliminated too?



A new storm threatens to hit GF Vip following a shock sentence uttered by one of the competitors: the public demands elimination.

The Big Brother Vip, in this edition, gives great emotions, due to the various scandals that have erupted inside the Cinecittà house. This time the public asks for the elimination of a competitor: what happened.

Competitors inside the Big Brother house (via screenshot)

Another moment of total chaos at GF Vip 7. This time it is Giaele De Donà who is targeted. In the wake of the controversy that has arisen in recent hours with Elenoire Ferruzzi punished by production and then eliminated by the public with flash televoting, this other competitor is also seriously at risk of coming up against very harsh measures. Many viewers are calling for his imminent elimination from the show, after discovering the negative side of the influencer.

Additionally, Giaele herself allegedly uttered a shocking phrase towards another contestant inside the house. So now even De Donà may not have peaceful dreams. Meanwhile, a serious accusation came from Antonino Spinalbese, who defended Ferruzzi and sided with the perpetrators. Indeed, the ex-boyfriend of Belen Rodriguez exclaimed: “No, but in my opinion she did not pass when she spat huh, in my opinion they put it after the video”. Patrizia Rossetti immediately replied: “No no Antonino, trust me. It could be seen very well”, and finally Luca Salatino attacked: “You stai a delira”.

GF Vip 7, everyone demands the elimination of Giaele De Donà: it’s chaos

The Italians’ most spied inside house contestant (@grandefratello.mediaset.it)

Giaele De Donà’s adventure inside the house could end prematurely. Indeed, the cameras would have captured some of his heavy statements which could cost him dearly. To report the news, the news portal Leggo again thought, which reported both the words of the competitor and some user reviews on Twitter. The competitor would have behaved similarly to that of Elenoire Ferruzzi towards Nikita Pelizon. Instead, Giaele reportedly did the same with Carolina Marconi, with the latter still unaware of the episode.

Speaking of the housemate, De Donà reportedly said: “We have to break and throw away an object that Carolina Marconi touched, which you never know could bring me bad luck.” Also in these hours on Giaele’s husband, they wonder if the man has not really digested Sofia Giaele De Donà’s approach to Belen Rodriguez’s ex. Their relationship is getting closer and closer and many are expecting a kiss soon. So now Alfonso Signorini could take the ball and invite his husband to broadcast.

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