Charles III furious with his wife: she always does it in secret



Camilla Parker, she’s in trouble! In fact, we have discovered the ugly, or rather very ugly, vice that drives King Charles, his famous wife, to go wild. Apparently a lot of money was thrown away for this obsession. But what is it? And the husband – perhaps – wanted to take serious action =

The “vice” – let’s call it that – of the very elegant Queen Consort of the new sovereign of England left the subjects speechless and upset his sweetheart who does not like wasting money…

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With the coming to power of Charles III who has unofficially become the king of the English nation and who will be proclaimed sovereign of England on May 6, 2023, “things” are changing – obviously – for Camilla Parker, the woman he has always loved. . , so the true love of his life. She, the wife of the former Prince of Wales who until now bore the title of Duchess of Cornwall, refusing of her own free will that of Princess of Wales so as not to harm the memory of the late Lady Diana, finds today now herself the Queen consort of the United Kingdom.

However, her deeply in love husband, together with the staff of Buckingham Palace, is really doing everything so that she can become queen in law and not only – as we have already and rightly mentioned not long ago – queen consort. But still nothing new on that side since the road to success is really still very long… However, it must also be said that you know how to wait, right?

Camilla’s vice that he does not tolerate

Meanwhile, Charles and Camilla begin their adventure as the new rulers of England. But now there seems to be a fact that irritated his wife very much. It is the vice of the woman who – nevertheless – always loves madly. But, despite this, there is no shortage of small talk, because it is also normal for this to happen between a wife and a husband. Basically, it looks like the new ruler of England just can’t tolerate something that Camilla has had for so many years and has been spending a lot of pounds on every week. What are we talking about?

Her and the addictions that exasperate Carlo

About her habit of smoking since – apparently – she is an avid smoker. It is not for nothing that it is said that she has a real addiction to it and that to give free rein to her vice she spent many euros every day, every week and every month, throwing away so much money that could – certainly – be invested in other sectors!

It is – in a nutshell – a real slap in the face, as many people in the UK have said on various social media.

Even King Charles, for the first time, agrees with the thoughts of his subjects, also because he not only does not smoke but does not even tolerate the smell of cigarettes! At this point, the wife decided to listen to her husband’s advice to quit and – as a result – turned to a specialized addiction clinic. And it seems that the results are already being seen!

The costly vices of the wife of King Charles III

Today – therefore – Parker no longer smokes, even if sources close to the famous Royal Family make it known that, secretly, from time to time the woman still lights a few cigarettes away from the prying eyes of all, even she. beloved husband.

But if this vice seems to have been removed, yet another must be, namely that of alcohol. Besides smoking, Camilla is a heavy drinker. It is said – you think – that the queen consort likes to drink and on several occasions she was also found drunk by the staff of the royal palace. Even this situation embarrassed Carlo on several occasions who – thus – forced his wife to seek help from those responsible…

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