Charles and Camilla without a palace: in front of Buckingham Palace



King Charles and Queen Camilla will not be living at Buckingham Palace for at least the next five years. The representative palace of the English monarchy never pleased any of the sovereigns who lived there. Queen Elizabeth also preferred to reside elsewhere, but that’s not why the new couple will stay away.

Too cold, too distracting, infested with mice: these are just some of the complaints kings and queens have leveled at Buckingham Palace throughout its history. But King Charles will not have to live there, at least for an estimated period of about 5 years.

To manage

The new sovereign, who ascended the throne on September 8, following the death of Queen Elizabeth, will have to wait for the renovation of the residence to be completed. At present, in fact, the Palace is involved in works worth a total of 370 million pounds. It is estimated that they will last at least until 2027.

Where will Carlo and Camilla live in the next few years?

The renovation works of Buckingham Palace already started a few years ago. Queen Elizabeth spent the last years of her life at Windsor Castle, visiting the other residences as well. In the meantime, however, Charles and Queen Consort Camilla may decide to go their separate ways in the rest of the royal residences. The couple, according to the sources, have identified four castles in which they wish to establish their residence.

To manage

A source told The Sun that their primary residence will continue to be Clarence House, located just 400 yards from Buckingham Palace. On the other hand, it is the house where the couple have lived together for 19 years, the place where their offices and staff work. Carlo and Camilla moved there in 2003, a year after the death of the Queen Mother.

To manage

Sources have revealed that the King and Queen have decided to divide the stay at the mansions according to the days of the week. Charles and Camilla will spend three nights a week at Clarence House, two nights at Windsor Castle and weekends at Sandringham, the Norfolk estate the Royal Family has used in recent years to spend the Christmas holidays. The source said the King should return to Buckingham Palace as soon as possible as it is the “centre of power in London”. At the moment, renovations are delayed and that means “there is a king without a palace”.

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