Charlene of Monaco, everywhere: Alberto’s last gesture is unequivocal



Charlene of Monaco, everywhere: Alberto’s last gesture is unequivocal. The Principality experiences fairly hot hours

Relations between the two are at an all-time low. From now on, the princess no longer seems to have any specific weight at the Palace, so much so that she is replaced by Carolina and Charlotte Casiraghi.

Prince Albert and Charlene of Monaco (AnsaFoto)

It’s not a bright time for Charlene of Monaco. After the physical problems that have tormented her for a year and a half, now the marital difficulties with Prince Albert are back in the news. That the two do not get along in love and in agreement has been known for a long time, as well as certain escapades too many of the noble of the Principality. Obviously all indiscretions never officially confirmed but which have gradually cracked a relationship which never seems to have fully recovered. According to insiders, in recent weeks the Wittstock has gone missing again, prompting great suspicion about the situation. For his part, Alberto left alone for a state trip to the Seychelles, leaving as host Carolina of Monaco and her daughter Charlotte Casiraghi. What seemed to be only gossip takes on the contrary real contours.

Charlène of Monaco, everywhere: she and Alberto are increasingly distant

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene (AnsaFoto)

Alberto will meet the president of the Indian Ocean islands, Wavel Ramkalawan, without his first lady. The least alarmist comments spoke of an absence for family reasons, that is to say to stay at the Palace to take care of the twins Jacques and Gabriella, from whom she has been away for too long due to illness. The problem is that even during the events that take place at La Rocca, she is never at the forefront, outclassed by the figures of Carolina and Charlotte Casiraghi.

Indeed, both of them, in place of Charlene, presented themselves at the exhibition “Monaco en scène – 100 years of concerts in Monaco”, when it was an official visit. Too many clues together to think of mere coincidences.
After having disappeared in the last period, he should see Wittstock again on November 19, for the Monegasque national holiday, where he will be alongside the Grimaldi family in full.

We will see if all goes well or if there will be another twist in this regard. To keep the bench in terms of attendance, there is always the theme relating to the millionaire agreement stipulated between them before marriage. Charlène received a large sum to attend various institutional events: now what will have changed?

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