Cerebral ischemia for the former competitor of Dancing with the stars: Carlucci upset



At these hours a very young former competitor of Dancing with the Stars suffered from cerebral ischemia. The news shocked Milly Carlucci.

Sad news has involved the entire Dance with the Stars troupe. Indeed, one of the former candidates of the dance show was the victim of cerebral ischemia, news that also surprised Milly Carlucci: who he is.

All the details on the bad news about the broadcast (via WebSource)

A flash of the blue hit Milly Carlucci and the entire production of Dancing with the Stars. Indeed, the news fell a few hours ago that Luca Sguazzini, former competitor of the Rai 1 dance show, is hospitalized in serious condition after being struck with cerebral ischemia. It was revealed by the presenter who said: “Unfortunately Luca Sguazzini recently had three episodes of cerebral ischemia. Fortunately he is alive, but he will have to undergo further checks and investigations this Wednesday to understand the causes.” .

Many will remember that Luca Sguazzini participated in what is still considered one of the most famous editions of the program, that of 2016. Indeed, Rita Pavone, Asia Argento, Platinette and Salvo Sottile also participated as competitors . Sguazzini took the bronze medal, finishing paired with teacher Vera Kinnunen behind Nicole Orlando and Stefano Oradei and winners Iago García and Samanta Togni.

Dancing with the stars, Milly Carlucci upset: Luca Sguazzini victim of three cerebral ischemias

What Happened to the Former Dance Show Contestant (Via WebSource)

Once he heard the news, former dance partner Veera Kinnunen took to social media to send Luca Sguazzini his personal message of support. In fact, the dancer wrote on social media: “Forza Luca”. At the same time, messages of support are also pouring in on the profile of the former Ballando competitor, via the Stories. Among these there would also be that of his companion Sara Bertagnolli, who a few months ago made him the father of a child.

So, during these hours, friends, family, and subscribers all write in chorus, “Come on!” to the model, in the hope that he will overcome this moment as soon as possible. Luca Sguazzini was born in 1988 in Turin. In life he is a model and photomodel and since he was a child he has never managed to stay still, with a childhood characterized by several transfers. In fact, he has lived in Australia, Georgia and Indonesia at the same time. His sculptural physique and undeniable charm allowed him to work in some important agencies and quickly gain thousands of followers on social networks. Thanks to his work, he also participated in Dancing with the stars.

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