Catamaran holidays are Trending



When it comes to vacation time, there are various possibilities for high-net-worth individuals – those who want to work hard and play hard.  Fancy villas on the French Riviera, all-inclusive cruises along the exclusive Amalfi Coast, or 5-star hotels with private beaches are just a few of the options available to them, but there is a new type of holiday trending amongst top executives, particularly post-COVID, and it is private luxury sailing holidays.

This isn’t simply sailing away with your family on a rusty old yacht, but setting sail from some of the greatest marinas in the Med on a gorgeous, meticulously made (typically brand new), yacht or catamaran that will take you anywhere you want to go, with a team of three or four to cater to your requirements. Imagine sailing around the Greek Islands on your own private luxury catamaran, and you can see why so many CEOs are on board!

No more following the pack, no more worrying about other hotel guests or even the adjacent villa’s neighbours – just you and your family and an ocean of options.

Catamaran vs. Yacht

Catamarans appear to be more popular than yachts. Catamarans are quicker than yachts, yet they are also more stable and larger, providing for a more comfortable ride and more lounging area for sunbathing and socialising even while on the move. There is also more room inside for the most up-to-date technology, with many of them featuring complete air conditioning, dishwashers, satellite TVs, and even washing machines. These are the most popular vessels for hiring in tourist locations because to their user-friendly characteristics. They can accommodate more people since they have greater space, and they also offer additional rooms and cabins where tourists may spend their day without jeopardising their private. 

Available in a variety of styles

Different vacationers have different needs, and there are several ways to hire yachts and catamarans. If you have the requisite sailing credentials, you may rent bareboat catamarans that can transport between two and twelve people out on the sea for your own personal excursions. When you drop the anchor in a quiet harbour for the night and enjoy the regular home comforts with a fantastic view – an oceanfront view, with all your electronics there with you, and a front-line beach vista – it will truly be just me, you, and the deep blue sea.   

You may also have skippered catamarans, in which a local skipper will guide you to all of the area’s hidden jewels. The captain is in charge of the catamaran’s needs, while the passengers can choose routes and just sit back and enjoy. If you want to broaden your delight, you may hire the complete crew and cook along with the catamaran, which makes it much more pleasurable while you are on vacation with your family or friends. 

Best Option for Your First Yacht Charter

The top CEOs may spend more money on superyachts and 80-foot catamaran, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a taste of the lifestyle. You might take out a smaller boat for your first catamaran charter and truly learn the ropes, or you could choose for a smaller boat but with all the staff who will make the ride to the next gorgeous bay seem as luxury as you deserve.

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