Casal di Principe: carabinieri find a camel in a field



A camel placidly resting in farmland. We are not among the eastern sand dunes but in a rustic setting of Casal di Principe, province of Caserta. Here the carabinieri of the local station, together with ASL personnel from Caserta and the technical office of the municipality of Casal di Principe, discovered the agricultural lands where illegal housing had been built for various animals: dogs, horses and , indeed, the camel. The camel found by the carabinieri in Casal di Principe

Twelve dogs and seven horses in all, the latter housed in illegal concrete buildings erected without any permission. The animals were seized and entrusted to the custody of the Regional Forestry Authority of the State of Cerreta Cognole (Salerno), which reached an agreement with the local Health Authority of Campania. For the camel, on the other hand, new investigations have been organized to determine its origin. Camels are in fact protected by the Washington Convention (CITES) which protects endangered fauna and flora, strictly regulating their trade at the international level.

Casal di Principe: Illegal artifacts and stolen car license plates were also discovered

In the same plot, the carabinieri found, in addition to the animals, two pairs of license plates which, after inspection, turned out to be from two stolen cars. The 43-year-old man was then denounced at liberty for animal abuse, concealment and abuse of buildings. The concrete stalls where the animals took refuge were in fact made in a totally abusive way, without any authorization issued by the technical office of the municipality of Casal di Principe. In the meantime, the camel, like all other animals, has been removed pending discovery of its origin and placed under protective conditions.

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