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My Soul Summer by Fabio Mollo with Casadilego during her debut on the set as an actress, premiered at Alice nella città and will be in theaters on October 24, 25 and 26.

Anita is a seventeen year old girl, shy, insecure and different from her peers. He still doesn’t know who he is, although he will begin to find out in the summer when instead of enjoying the summer by going to the beach like all boys his age – and living the carefree age of his years – he prefers to study the project in preparation for an exam at the Conservatory. But next to her lives Vins, a legendary rock star with a tumultuous past.

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This man next door, a little eccentric, recognizes her special talent to the point that he will encourage her to discover another way of experiencing music and a voice that she does not even know herself. But that won’t be Anita’s only “lucky” encounter. The girl – during the plot directed by director Fabio Mollo – will meet Vittore. A shy boy and different from all the others. He will make her discover herself in this summer that she will always remember. And this will be his Soul Summer.

My Soul Summer: the cast and Calabria to tell

Elisa Casadilego, Anna Ferzetti, Tommaso Ragno, Luka Zunic, Lunetta Savino and Agnese Claisse make up the cast of the film My Soul Summer dedicated to art and its discovery as well as self-awareness. The story depicts the relationship between a mother (Anna Ferzetti) unaware of the talent of her daughter (Casadilego), and a grandmother (Lunetta Savino) “offbeat” and decidedly far from the typical grandmothers of the deep South. Fabio Mollo explores interpersonal relationships with a breathtaking landscape that of Calabria, his native region.

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“The film is called My Soul Summer – explains the director during the press conference – because Calabria is a bit like the Bahamas of Italy and soul motorbikes. Calabria – adds Mollo – represents for me the impossible that becomes possible precisely because I come from there. I find it extremely cinematic. And to stage such a story with these characters who, in a certain sense, live in Calabria and tell it in a completely different way of what we usually imagine, was something that I wanted to add to the history of this territory”.

Exclusively for VelvetMAG Casadilego, the protagonist face of My Soul Summer

How many Anitas are there in you?

The main thing that unites us – which is so big that its consequences manage to cover many other small aspects of us – is the unconditional love for music and also the way we find ourselves in the musical context. Even if it is then in a different period from mine. There was a time, however, when we were really at the same point, both mentally and academically. Nothing to do with emotion. In the emotional aspect, there are very different things.

In the movie My Soul Summer, Anita meets a rather peculiar personality, Vins, seemingly detached as close as she is. A meeting that will soon prove to be happy. Instead, I wanted to know if there had ever been a mentor for Casadilego in his life.

There have been so many figures in my life that some can be seen as facets of Wines, but which all together may not form Wines (laughs, editor’s note). Many have given me another vision of the world, which is basically the world in which we construct our thoughts, our gaze.

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My Soul Summer is your first film, your first screenplay and many singers are currently exploring the seventh art on the set. Want to return to the spotlight of a feature film?

Surprisingly, I felt comfortable on set, despite the preparation which was long and also very delicate. I’ve worked so hard to get into a non-judgmental mindset. It was not easy. However, once past the pitfall of judgment and ego that are harmful, even damaging, I found myself particularly comfortable in a strange way. I would like to do it again. Cinema truth, absolutely! Being able to share things that can’t make us feel alone is kind of what I want to do with music.

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