Car rental in Ukraine: what you need to know about this service



Are you going to rent a car in Ukraine, but do not dare due to a lack of understanding of the main aspects of rental? Are you worried that you will have to pay for a service significantly more than its market value due to hidden conditions written in the contract in small print? Are you worried that in the event of an accident with a rented car, you will get into debt and get into trouble?

Surprisingly, although car rental in Ukraine is already quite affordable and even a popular service, many people still do not dare to use it due to lack of understanding of the algorithm for obtaining it.

The Car Rent UA company provides answers to the most frequent questions asked by car rental clients.

Car rental in Ukraine: how does the rental process work?

The process of renting a car can be divided into several stages.

  1. Choosing a car.

The client on the Car Rent UA website chooses a car according to his requests and needs. Cars of different classes are represented in the fleet, so everyone will be able to choose the option that suits them best.

You can also contact the company manager directly and ask him to help you make a choice.

  • Car reservation.

The selected car must be reserved for the desired date, specifying the planned rental period.

This can be done through the website or during a telephone conversation with a service specialist.

  • Signing the contract.

A car can be rented only on the basis of a contract concluded between the car rental company and the client. It prescribes the basic conditions of the lease, the term, the price.

In the vast majority of car rental companies, a deposit is mandatory, but at Car Rent UA you can rent a car without a deposit.

  • Obtaining a car.

After signing the contract, the driver receives the car for further use. The car is inspected by the client in the presence of the company manager for the integrity of the body, intactness of the interior, and technical condition.

In general, Car Rent UA regularly inspects cars from its fleet and provides only undamaged and serviceable cars.

  • Use of a car.

The client has the right to use the rented car at his discretion, observing the requirement for a daily mileage of no more than 300 km. If we are talking about renting a car for traveling abroad, then there is no requirement for the maximum mileage per day.

  • Return of the car.

At the end of the rental period, the car must be returned in the same condition in which it was provided – in good condition, undamaged, clean and refueled.

What documents are required for renting?

The list of documents for classic car rental is minimal – passport and driver’s license.

If we are talking about renting a car for companies or other organizations, then, in addition to the driver’s documents, you also need to add a certificate of registration of a legal entity.

Regarding the documents for rental for the purpose of going abroad, you need to consult Car Rent UA specialists, as their list may change depending on many factors.

Is it possible to drive a rented car outside the city limits?

The client has the right to drive the rented car wherever he deems necessary.

Regardless of the city of car rental, Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, etc., the driver can go on a trip to any settlement in Ukraine (except the occupied territory and the territory where active battles are taking place).

If the requirement for the maximum mileage per day does not meet the needs of the client, you need to discuss other terms of the contract with the company manager.

You can also rent a car to travel to Poland, Slovakia, Germany or any other country.

How to act in the event of an accident?

If a client gets into an accident while driving a rented car, he must immediately notify the company manager.

All Car Rent UA cars are insured, so you don’t have to worry about financial and bureaucratic consequences.

In general, car rental company specialists will be happy to provide more detailed answers to any questions.

Go to the Car Rent UA website, book a car and enjoy a convenient and modern car rental service!

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