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Can your sleeping environment really help improve your sleep?



Sleeping environment

Nothing hits the spot like getting a good night’s sleep, right? Your coffee tastes better, your skin shines brighter, and even a two-hour morning meeting can’t get you down. Unfortunately getting your 8- 9 hours a night almost feels like a commodity these days. A recent study by leading sleep brand Panda London revealed nearly 25% of sleepers were getting five hours or less, with close to 20% only rating sleep quality a one or two. So what gives? Can making some of those recommended changes to our sleeping environment really improve sleep quality? Let’s take a look. 

Creating a calm, serene space

Everyone’s sleep-set up is different, though according to the Sleep Foundation a relaxing environment is essential for a good night’s rest. Noise and lighting play an important role in helping you drift off; keeping your bedroom as quiet and dark as possible helps to trigger melatonin production, the ‘sleepy’ hormone that gets you ready for a deeper, longer sleep. One thing that doesn’t belong in a ‘relaxing’ bedroom is blue light. Overexposure to technical devices too soon before bed can interfere with our natural circadian rhythm. Save the emails and scrolling Instagram for the morning. You will feel all the brighter for it. 

Temperature Control

If you struggle with overheating, you’re not alone. It is one of the leading causes of disrupted sleep, and everything from your bedding and PJs to your thermostat could be a culprit. 18 degrees C is the recommended temperature to optimise your sleeping environment. Making sure you resist the urge to turn the heating up too high before you sleep will help you enjoy a longer slumber. As can wearing breathable PJs and having thermoregulating bedding, like a bamboo bed set which will wick away moisture and regulate your temperature throughout the night. Also, getting your duvet tog right for the season will help prevent throwing it on and off in the battle to stay cool. Or go for a seasonal option, like a bamboo duvet which feels breathable on summer nights yet will keep you snug as a bug in winter. 

Upgrading your mattress and pillows

Cranky neck? Sore back? Aches and pains are all too common with today’s modern lifestyles involving so much sitting and leaning over computers. Keeping yourself properly aligned while you sleep can help make things more comfortable; an orthopaedic mattress and pillow naturally contour to your sleeping position, relieving pressure points and protecting your neck and spine. Memory foam is known for its ability to suit every sleeping position though it can retain heat, leading to overheating. The solution? A mattress or topper with cooling technology, made with breathable fabrics like bamboo can help take the heat out of bedtime while leaving you with top-notch support to sleep soundly. 

Getting Technical 

From watches and rings to sleep masks, there is an abundance of sleep tech that promises to help in the quest for a good night’s sleep. Do they work? That varies from sleeper to sleeper. In some cases tracking sleep can help you make adjustments to improve your sleeping environment and address anything that is getting in the way of your sleep. This can include sleep disorders such as insomnia, which affects up to 35% of adults. Getting to the root of sleep issues is key to improving your shut-eye. For some sleepers, sleep technology can lead to anxiety around sleeping, which can make it harder to drift off. Sleep tech is a subjective experience and is best approached on a try-it-and-see basis; if it helps you nod off, then keep it as part of your bedtime routine. Speaking of routines…

A good old-fashioned routine 

The final recommendation for a good night’s kip is to stick to a bedtime routine. An oldie but a goodie. Going to bed at the same time every night will help your body get into a rhythm that can help you get more of the good stuff. Give yourself time to unwind between work and bed, whether it’s with a hot bath, a book or cooking a delicious meal. Setting an alarm and trying to avoid long lie-ins at the weekend may be a challenge, though according to the experts – sticking to a consistent sleeping routine will have you feeling so good it will be worth it. 

The Sleepy Take-away

Although there is no way to guarantee a good night’s sleep, it is clear that looking at your sleeping environment certainly has its benefits. Bedtime should be something we are all looking forward to. Making sure you have a comfortable, supportive mattress, enjoying some time to unwind before bed and relaxing in a cool, dark space are great ways to start improving your sleep. See what works for you; with the perfect sleeping environment, you will be snoozing like a pro. 

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