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Can I trust online platforms that claim to write essays for me?



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The World Wide Web is a gigantic virtual universe. Filled with different kinds of people, groups & businesses, the very nature of the Web makes it difficult to differentiate the good from the bad. Software and web design make it impossible to understand the people or people behind the scenes. Malicious people and groups use this anonymity to dupe & cheat you, stealing your information & money and damaging your reputation. 

Students are especially vulnerable to such cons. Criminals take advantage of their naivety & inexperience to scam you in the name of providing online academic assistance. The only way to avoid getting conned is to dig deep for more details about services that write an essay for you. Digging deep is the only way to identify the features of a good and genuine online essay-writing service. 

Please go through this article to find six of the most crucial aspects of an essay help service to look for and how to look for them.

Six Essential Aspects of a Good Essay Writing Service

  1. Top-Tier Writers

A genuine essay writing service with a good reputation should have multiple teams of highly qualified writers. Look for writer profile sections and pages & pay close attention to details. Please take a close look at their qualifications and experience. 

It is best to avoid that service if you can’t find writer profiles or come across dubious & incredulous information. 

  1. Positive Third-Party Reviews

Look for company reviews on external review aggregating websites. Be mindful of fake reviews and go through each & every review minutely to determine their authenticity. Understand what the real ones are saying about quality, delivery, rework, customer service, prices, plagiarism, and the like. Then, make the right decision. 

  1. Responsive Customer Support

A genuine service always has dedicated and responsive customer support. Connect with them and share your requirements. Note their responses, make all vital inquiries, and clear all doubts. Ask them about pricing, writers, delivery, and everything else. Pay close attention to the tone & behavior. 

If you end up interacting with an AI bot on call or chat, demand to talk to a human customer support representative at least once. If all responses are clear, prompt, and to your satisfaction, go ahead and place the order.

  1. Sample Solutions Section

While many services do not provide a sample section, the best of the best out there always do. Reputed essay help services boast of their quality and capabilities by showcasing their best solutions to visitors. 

Though if a website does not let viewers check out sample solutions, it does not automatically mean that they are fishy. Yet, looking for essay help services that provide samples is best. This is because you get to find out the standard of their solutions then & there. 

  1. Clear & Meaningful Business Policies

Always pore through the business policies of service before choosing them. Nitpick data privacy, rework & revision policies, and money-back policies carefully. Also, make inquiries about the same with the customer support service. In case you find any discrepancies, talk to the support teams. If they can’t provide a clear and satisfactory answer or try to deviate, avoid that service. 

  1. Exceptional Service Features

On-time deliveries and impeccable essay solutions are essentials. Also, check for different features such as plagiarism reports, editing & proofreading, direct line of contact with writers, offers & discounts, etc. 

Shortlist several essay help services and compare the features & perks on offers. Choose a service that offers the best of everything at low prices.

Keep the above aspects in mind when searching for an online essay writing service to keep your money, data, & reputation safe. Next are some handy tips for finding a trustworthy essay writing service quickly.

How to Find a Trustable Essay Help Service Quickly? Few Great Tips

  • Start your search early on.

Planning and timing are crucial. There is a plethora of services online. Make sure you have plenty of time before you start searching. If you are unsure about writing a good essay or meeting deadlines, it is best to look for a reputed essay writing service immediately.

  • Shortlist several services

There is a plethora of online essay help services, so shortlist more than one. But be sure to pick only the top-ranking ones on Google, all the ones on the first page. This will help you avoid scammers and sub-par services.

  • Be Aware of Deadlines

Deadlines often appear on the horizon out of nowhere. Always be aware of submission deadlines. Take note of any delays from the end of the writing service. Talk to them any time you experience any delay in submission or communication. 

Reworks and revisions may be necessary in some cases. Remember to compensate for them when placing your order.

  • Consult with Friends

Your friends and peers can provide valuable information regarding online academic services. Talk to them and, if need be, coax them to find out what online essay services they use. Go for those online essay help services that most of your friends opt for. 

  • Search on Review Aggregator Platforms

It is better to search for writing services on review aggregator platforms like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, etc., than search engines. This is because you can view user reviews and compare different features. Compare different services and all their different features minutely. 

As mentioned in the above section, be very careful when going through reviews. Keep an eye out for fake reviews that can be too much positive, way too negative, or extremely well-written. Check reviews on renowned review aggregators as they audit user reviews critically. 

To end with,

We hope all the tips and points help you find an essay service that you can trust with your grades. The key is to be vigilant and thorough when choosing a service. Listen to your guts, use this guide, and you will surely find the right kind of people for your needs.

All the best!

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