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Dancing With The Stars is – without a doubt – Rai Uno’s most popular primetime show right now. Plus, surprises never fail! And now the presenter was – to say the least – shocked by the reaction and response of a competitor…

A Dance with the Stars contestant literally panics in front of one of the judges, offended by a criticism and unleashing pandemonium… And poor Milly, despite being an immense professional, doesn’t know what to do anymore!

Milly Carlucci upset at Dancing With The Stars Solocine.it

It also sometimes happens on Milly Carlucci’s show, ie Dancing with the Stars, that a contestant does not “digest” the advice or opinions of one of the judges and that – although wrongly – is made to give in in a loud voice, also uttering vitriolic words towards the person with whom he is at the moment angry. And there are those who, showing all their anger, decide to call someone who recently judged his performance on the track “peasant”… But who is it? Let’s get to the facts…

He called Mariotto a “peasant”

Marta Flavi’s journey in Dancing with the Stars was. admittedly – very short, but the presenter can – in any case – hope for a repechage. In recent days, the competitor spoke of her tears and her regret at not having been listened to properly by Milly Carlucci. And now the former contestant in an interview with the river literally castigated Guillermo Mariotto, giving him – in no uncertain terms – “the peasant”.

“The day after elimination is tiring. And the next day you’re sorry, but even more angry because I didn’t think it was good. I have it with Guillermo Mariotto who, in my opinion, is not a good man and is very nice. And that struggles with him being a judge, from my perspective,” said the woman, who was still deeply hurt by her, at least momentary, exit from the program.

He gave her zero

“He gave me zero when I brought a dance to the end and said the only good prize I had was the dress made by the tailor’s shop. Zero is something that’s offensive because I worked on it anyway, I’m committing…Here we are all professionals who have never danced”, declared Marta who then continued by saying: “So only for that, if we implies and he tries, you can’t give him zero. Maybe two. Three? But not zero! Zero is really offensive as hell…” But why – in your opinion – would the historical judge behave like this? way ?

Marta Flavi Solocine.it

“I think Mariotto does it to attract the attention of the media, the cameras, but I find it incorrect, ugly. Can I say? Even a peasant. Here I find that Guillermo Mariotto is a peasant. And I’m amazed that it makes fashion because fashion is elegance…”, declared Flavi who then immediately added: “Ah, and then I have another theory! But I don’t know if we can say it. .. Can we say it? And then I say that he loves being insulted because, whoever insults him, first gives him zero then gives him ten .. “. And at the end, here is the rare pearl: “So there’s this strange thing that I can’t understand… because if they insult me ​​I can’t stand them. Instead, he love them !”

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