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Bryan Cranston is one of the most prolific and well-known names in the contemporary entertainment industry and today, March 7, the actor, producer and screenwriter turns 65.

To celebrate his birthday, CinePOP has separated a short list with ten of his best roles, either in film or television, in live productions or as a voice actor.

Discover our choices below:

In the English version of the famous Japanese anime “Royal Space Force”, Cranston voices Matti. The story revolves around Matti’s friend, Shiro, an astronaut who joins the Royal Space Force and suffers a crisis of conscience when he learns that the organization’s actions can lead to war.

Stan Grossman’s brief role as commercial investor earned Cranston huge public acceptance, primarily for the charm with which he played the character. The famous romantic comedy also brought names like Abigial Breslin and Toni Collette.

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Easily the most well-known character played by Cranston, Walter White is considered by several critics and experts to be one of the finest anti-heroes ever created in the history of television and film. The build of a former teacher turned meth producer was well thought out and won numerous awards for the actor – while the series’ success spawned a spinoff series and a follow-up film.


In the acclaimed ‘Batman: Year One’ animation, Cranston voices the iconic Commissioner James Gordon, who fights corruption within the Gotham City Police Department. Praised for his portrayal as a well-known character, the actor has added another extremely valuable role to his long and vibrant career.

The thriller ‘Drive’, starring Ryan Gosling, was released in 2011 and revolves around a car shunting operator who illegally refuels. Here, Cranston plays Shannon, who owns a dealer who finds a job for the character of Gosling – and, unlike other criminal roles, he is loyal and faces dire consequences as a result of his actions.

The irreverent animated comedy brought Cranston as Tony Drake, an ambitious astronaut whose main plan is to colonize Mars. The actor appeared in just two episodes of the third season, titled “Space Race: Part 1” and “Space Race: Part 2” – and, in the end, the villainous character is defeated by the titular protagonist.

Directed by Ben Affleck, “Argo” dramatizes the hostage crisis in Iran and stars Cranston as CIA officer Jack O’Donnell. To make his rescue mission work, O’Donnell mixes drama, thriller, and comedy in one feature film – and delivers memorable scenes that are worth seeing.

In the Amazon Prime series titled “ Sneaky Pete, ” Cranson not only brought gangster Vince to life, but also co-created the work alongside David Shore. At the start of production, Marius (Giovanni Ribisi) steals the identity of his cellmate, Pete, after being released from prison – a choice that takes him to a completely unexpected world and introduces him to his new family and son. business with Vince.

In the acclaimed stop-motion animation from legendary director Wes Anderson, Cranston plays Chief, a street dog who lives on a remote island and helps a young boy named Atari (Koyu Rankin) find the lost puppy named Spots. Known for being a voice actor, it’s no surprise the actor received critical acclaim for his poignant and entertaining portrayal.


In the acclaimed feature film inspired by the ‘Breaking Bad’ series, Cranston doesn’t return to the lead role, but that’s okay – his return as Walter White in flashback was enough to captivate audiences. The character had been murdered in the original production and was in partnership with young Jesse (Aaron Paul).

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