Brutal blow for Renato Zero: he didn’t expect it either



Bad news for Renato Zero: the singer’s show does not take off from television screens: the winner of prime time programs was Commissioner Montalbano on Rai Uno.

Renato Zero’s show does not take off in terms of prime time audience: Commissioner Montalbano, broadcast on Rai Uno, ranks first.

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Bad news for Renato Zero and for the singer’s program broadcast in prime time on Canale 5. On the evening of Wednesday, October 26, the first meeting of the television program took place in the first person by the artist, a novelty for many Italians who now have several new programs available on television for the evening.

The program, at least in terms of its debut, however, did not go as hoped and hoped for the same Renato Zero. The very first episode of the show titled 070 – Speciale Renato Zero, which will also air all next week, did not have a huge following with the audience.

Flop for the Renato Zero show on Canale 5

On the program, the famous Roman singer at the helm of the show, which was organized to celebrate in the best possible way the important double milestone reached by the artist, namely that of 55 years of career and that of 70 years, which have were made two years ago.

The show took place in the beautiful and evocative setting of the Circus Maximus and saw the illustrious participation of many important and notable guests, with music obviously playing a prominent role.

As the data shows, 070 – Speciale Renato Zero, however, was watched by just over two million viewers, with the singer’s show being overtaken and clearly beaten by Il Commissario Montalbano, although the latter aired with a simple answer.

Addressing the two million viewers then was Who Saw It?, so back to the glories and big numbers of the past.

Audience figures for Wednesday 26 October

Renato Zero solocine.it

On the general audience side of Wednesday, October 26, the rebroadcast of Il Commissario Montalbano on Rai Uno was therefore seen by 3,328,000 spectators with an 18.8% audience share.

The first episode of Renato Zero’s program, on the other hand, was seen by precisely 2,269,000 spectators, with a share of 15.4%. Man On Fire – The Fire of Vengeance on Rai 2 was seen by 709,000 viewers with a 4.2% share.

On Italia1, the Birds of Prey film about the DC character Harley Quinn was seen by 753,000 viewers with a 4.2% share, while on Rete4 the program Controcorrente – Prima Serata was seen by 651,000 viewers with a share of 4.5%.

Finally Rai3, with the program Qui l’a vu? followed by 1,808,000 spectators with a share of 10.9%.

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