Brazil, Bolsonaro does not comment on Lula’s victory



Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva – Photo by Ansa Foto

Left-wing leader Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva won the ballot and was elected president of Brazil for the third time. He defeated current right-wing head of state Jair Bolsonaro, the first president who was not re-elected.

Lula obtained 50.83% of the vote, against 49.17% for Bolsonaro. The outgoing president did not comment on the results published by the Superior Electoral Tribunal, nor acknowledged the victory of his opponent and former president.

Those close to Bolsonaro have told the media that “there is no climate to dispute Lula’s success”. Mauro Cesar Cid, a collaborator of the outgoing president, warned the ministers who tried to reach him that “he had fallen asleep”.

Journalists noted that the lights of the Alvorada Palace in Brasilia were shut down at 22.06. President Lula expressed concern that Bolsonaro has yet to concede defeat: “I am half happy and half worried: I need to know if the president we defeated will allow the transition. In any part of the world, the defeated president would have called the winner, Lula said overnight, addressing cheering fans.

While no reaction came from Bolsonaro, worrying Lula, world leaders sent their congratulations to Brazil’s new president.

Brazil, Lula’s election, Biden’s congratulations

“I extend my congratulations to Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva on his election as the next President of Brazil after free, fair and credible elections. I look forward to working together to continue the cooperation between our two countries in the months and years to come.” Thus in a tweet, US President Joe Biden congratulates Lula.

Putin’s congratulations

Russian President Vladimir Putin also did the same with a message calling for “constructive cooperation in all areas”. “Accept my sincere congratulations on the election results, which confirm your great political authority,” Putin wrote. “I hope that by making joint efforts, we can continue to develop constructive Russian-Brazilian cooperation in all areas.”

Brazil, Lula elections, commentary by Giorgia Meloni

“Congratulations to Lula on his election as President of the Federal Republic of Brazil. Italy and Brazil will continue to work together in the name of the historic friendship between our peoples and to face the common challenges ahead of us,” Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni wrote on Twitter.

Best wishes from Macron

“Congratulations, dear Lula, on your election which opens a new page in the history of Brazil. Together, we will join forces to overcome the many common challenges and we will renew the bond of friendship between our two countries”. So on Twitter Emmanuel Macron, French President.

Congratulations from Michael

“Congratulations to President-elect Lula. The Brazilians have chosen change. The EU is committed to cooperating on global challenges: peace and stability, prosperity, climate change. And we will work with the whole region. Can’t wait or congratulate you in person anytime soon.” EU Council President Charles Michel wrote in a tweet.

India also congratulates Lula

“Congratulations to Lula on his victory in the presidential election in Brazil. I look forward to working closely together to deepen and expand our bilateral relations and cooperation on global issues,” Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi finally wrote.

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