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Deadline has revealed that Bradley Cooper will collaborate with Steven Spielberg in Frank Bullitt’s new film. In addition to being a producer, Cooper will also be the interpreter of the same.

Bradley Cooper as Steve McQueen will play the famous policeman Frank Bullitt, who will try to protect the streets of San Francisco between daring races and investigations to thwart murderers of all kinds.

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Steven Spielberg was fascinated by Bradley Cooper’s production work with A Star is Born and so tried every means to find a project where the two could collaborate. Still for Spielberg, Cooper is the perfect actor to embody Bullitt, confirmed as an official cast member.

Steve McQueen’s Bullit

Bullit is a 1968 film directed by Peter Yates, based on the novel Mute Witness starring Steve McQueen. The film was a record blockbuster, earning $42 million, and winning an Oscar. This film will also go down in history for the famous “crazy” chases carried out by McQueen in his modified Ford Mustang.

McQueen in the original film played a homicidal cop, Frank Bullitt, who must investigate the death of the witness in his custody. Mafia bosses killed him because of the information he could leak to the police.

Frank Bullitt’s story will be different

Steven Spielberg and Bradley Cooper will direct a completely different film from the original, as Frank Bullitt’s character will be developed from a different point of view than McQueen. The script written by Josh Singer is still in development so there is no official synopsis information.

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While waiting to learn more about Frank Bullit’s new movie, such as the official title, plot and release date, we can pass the time by watching Steven Spielberg’s new movie The Fabelmans, a semi-autobiographical story available in cinemas from the beginning of November.

As for Bradley Cooper, he is also very busy. He loves the role of producer so much that in his next film, the musical drama, Maestro, Cooper will star and produce, as well as direct and co-write. In short, Bradley has become a jack-of-all-trades. His new film will be released exclusively on streaming giant Netflix in 2023.

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