Boyfriends’ Guide To Buying Lingerie for Your Partner



There are so many styles of bras for women that it can feel overwhelming to shop for a girlfriend. Most boyfriends prefer to let their special lady pick out what she wants rather than surprise her with something she might not like or that might not fit right.

Still, certain occasions require surprises. Many women love it when their special someone surprises them with lingerie because it takes the pressure off of choosing something their boyfriend will love. Still, before shopping for lingerie, a boyfriend needs to keep a few things in mind.

Know Her Size and Personal Style

When purchasing lingerie, you want to know your lady’s size. Guessing sizing is never a good idea. If possible, check sizes without her knowing, especially if you want the gift to be a surprise. If you can’t check out the sizes, ask her. You can talk to a friend as well, or maybe a sister to find out the right sizing.

Also, before buying anything, consider your girlfriend’s style. While you may like the most sexy and revealing lingerie, she may feel uncomfortable or put off by some selections.

You don’t want to pick something that only you would want her to wear. You want to pick something that makes her feel confident, comfortable, and sophisticated.

Consider What Her Lingerie Collection is Missing

When choosing lingerie for your girlfriend, consider her existing collection. Is there anything she is missing, or does she have a bra that fits just right that you can maybe invest in something complementary?

While it is OK to purchase some redundant items, especially in different colors, it is best to find her something she doesn’t have. Has she ever talked about something she wants to try? 

Whenever buying lingerie for your partner, always keep them in the forefront of your mind. They should be catalysts in every purchasing decision.

Choose Matching Sets

Lingerie is not complete as standalone pieces. For the full effect, you need a complete set. While you can mix and match some lingerie items, it is often best to stick with sets.

A matching lingerie set will include the bra and knickers. By purchasing sets, you can avoid questioning the uniformity of pieces.

Keep Things Comfortable

You can find many styles of lingerie, from the revealing and adventurous to the more conservative. You may love the idea of your girlfriend wearing as little as possible, but she may not feel comfortable in something so revealing.

If you want to have fun and intimate sessions with your girlfriend, you want her to feel confident and relaxed, not self-conscious and embarrassed. Always make sure you understand your girlfriend’s comfort level and boundaries. If you don’t know ask; that’s the best advice for bra sizing and lingerie selection.

Are you ready to surprise your girlfriend or significant other with some lingerie? Talk to a specialty retailer to learn more about the styles and materials that your special someone loves and desires. A lingerie sales professional often makes an excellent guide.

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