Bonus invoice 2023, changes of era for families: all the news



Bonus invoice 2023, changes of era for families: all the news. Support Remains, but Recipient Audience Expands

Bonus bill 2023, era changes for families (ANSA)

The first Meloni finance law begins to take shape. The government’s objective, with the budget which will be approved at the beginning of next week, is precisely to go and strengthen aid for low-income families to pay the bills. Therefore, the 2023 invoice premium could undergo some modifications, compared to the current one of 2022, in order to expand the number of beneficiaries. To do this, there are several hypotheses on the table, the first of the most immediate execution is the increase in the ceiling of Isee to obtain a discount on the invoice of approximately 30%, however, the Minister of l ‘Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti himself had mentioned the possibility that the social bonus on energy saw different allocation criteria from the ISEE.
In the meantime, it’s important to consider what will be new in 2023, how the on-bill bonus will work, and how much families can save next year.
If today the bill premium belongs to those who have a maximum Isee of 12 thousand euros, the Meloni Government, during the budgetary maneuver, could decide to raise the Isee threshold to 15 thousand euros in order to widen the beneficiaries, as had been assumed under the Draghi government.

Bonus invoices 2023, changes of era: the number of families concerned increases

Thus, the social bonus on energy could affect 600,000 additional families, which would be added to the 2.5 million households currently benefiting from aid for electricity and the 1.5 million households benefiting from gas.
Alternatively, the government could set a new Isee threshold, compatible with the funds available to support the measure.

Increasingly high bills in Italy (websource)

Another hypothesis is still on the table, already taken into consideration by Minister Giorgetti: the social premium may not be linked to the ISEE but to other criteria, yet to be defined. In any case, what is certain is that in 2023 the number of families who will be able to apply for the bonus will increase. In addition, the government may apply the family quotient, already used in the Aiuti quater decree.

Because the bonus of 600 euros on invoice is about to arrive, paid directly by employers for their employees. Now clarifications have arrived from the Revenue Agency to understand how to take advantage of it.
By the Aide bis decree, the margin went from 258.23 euros to 600 euros, in the form of exempt goods and services. Sums of money that, for all intents and purposes, can also be used to pay for household utilities, from gas to electricity to water supply, throughout 2022.
However, the obligation is to use these benefits provided by companies, even small ones, exclusively for residential properties owned or owned by the employee, his spouse or family members. This regardless of whether or not they are the place of residence or domicile. To prevent different people from benefiting several times from the benefit for the same expenses, the employer will have to acquire a declaration of a substitute notoriety act. It will be used to certify that these invoices have not already been the subject of a request for reimbursement (total or partial) from the same employer or others.

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