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Bon ton of jewelry, which ones and how to wear them with style



It is much more difficult and complicated to choose jewelry that matches your outfit and know how to wear it with style, than the outfit itself. It is precisely for this reason that jewelry etiquette comes to our rescue, guiding us on how to match precious objects on all occasions, according to the etiquette and the number to wear. How to choose the type of day and evening stones and how to combine a dress with jewelry. Finally, what jewelry to offer for special occasions.

The jewelry etiquette contains the rules to follow to wear the right jewelry at any time of the day, so as not to appear insignificant but to be perfect. “Ah, but these tears that your love sheds are pearls, and they are rich, and they redeem every bad deed”. (William Shakespeare)

Bon ton jewelry: what has changed between yesterday and today

In the past, etiquette in terms of precious objects was rather strict. Just think, for example, that diamonds could not be worn during the day and before the age of forty, or that pearls could not be combined with sportswear. Fortunately, times and fashions have changed today, just as our society has changed and today the good tone of jewelry is freer and less rigid than in the past. One thing is certain: simplicity and minimalism are two very important factors when it comes to choosing and how much jewelry to wear. “Before you go out, look in the mirror and take something off.” (Coco Chanel)

What and how much jewelry to wear

The first rule of good jewelry etiquette is very simple, but effective: having to choose bets on a few precious, but quality ones. So place less is more, because the minimal style allows us to appear discreet and elegant and is the basis of good taste. Wearing too much jewelry all together not only blurs our look, but the message we want to convey denotes excessive ostentation of power and wealth (especially showing it off with people who have recently met). The optimal would be to wear a maximum of three jewels together: earrings, necklace and ring. The watchword is sobriety. By wearing so much jewelry together, you risk getting the kitsch effect. Three is the perfect number, even on the number of rings to wear.

Good tone of jewelry to wear day and night

To complete the daytime look, depending on the good tone of the jewelry, you can wear: gold necklaces, pearl necklaces, rings with natural stones of medium value such as sea water, amethyst, jade , turquoise, coral. As for the evening look and especially for special occasions, the jewels to favor are: white or black diamonds, jewels with precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires. It is always good to remember the rule that you can use sets, with matching earrings and necklace being the perfect solution for a chic look, to avoid mixing necklaces or jewelry of different types. In the evening you can wear something more flashy. For example, an elegant long dress can be combined with a pair of dangling earrings with dark stones, diamonds or emeralds.

When to show the diamond

The solitaire diamond is usually represented by the ring, especially the engagement ring. In this case, the diamond can be worn all day, as it indicates the new status. It is the same if instead of the diamond solitaire ring you have a diamond ring, simply super chic.

Signet ring, how to wear it

The Signet Ring is the gold signet ring. It is usually worn on the little finger of the left hand, but jewelry etiquette suggests wearing it on the right hand. This jewel indicates nobility and usually has the lineage to which it belongs in the form of an engraving. Today, this type of ring also represents other symbols unrelated to dynasty or house and are often worthless and also made of less valuable materials.

Bon ton of jewelry: how to combine them with the dress

In jewelry etiquette, it is very important to know how to match the jewelry to the look. The sober dress in solid colors, like the little black dress, deserves to be spiced up with a jewel with a strong visual impact, with a particular and worked design or with colored stones. Just to respect jewelry etiquette, it’s good to focus on one extravagant piece of jewelry, because good jewelry tone wants you to wear one at a time. In any case, avoid jewelry that is too big or bulky. When you choose to wear a patterned dress during the day, the colors can be more or less garish. And here, precisely because of the peculiarity of the dress, it is good to avoid wearing jewelry that is too showy or tacky, giving way to jewelry with a simple line. The jewelry label also says not to wear different metals and gemstones together. And it is also better not to mix gold and silver, only faith is an exception.

John Raspini

Good tone of jewelry for men

In the proper tone of jewelry, little jewelry is allowed for men, who should only wear a wedding ring, watch, and cufflinks on special occasions. As for chains and bracelets, they are only accepted if they are discreet. Jewelry etiquette also gives advice for him and for her on what to avoid wearing depending on a certain occasion or body type. Those with curves should avoid wearing minimalist and discreet jewelry so as not to weigh down the silhouette. Pearls or diamonds are not worn when playing sports. You don’t wear jewelry when you go to the beach. Jewelry should be avoided at funerals as there is no respect for mourning. Jewelry that does not attract too much attention should not be worn in the office and also in the gym, it should not be worn because there is a risk of losing it.

A jewel for every occasion

Etiquette suggests that every precious item has the right opportunity to be given away. Bracelets and chains are given at baptism, earrings and watches at communion, a ring at engagements, bracelets and pendants at birthdays. It is necessary to avoid offering the brooch as a gift, because as it is capable of stinging, it is synonymous with misfortune. Another bad luck gift is pearls. The good tone of the jewels invites you not to give them away since they have been considered since Antiquity as the tears of the divinity, therefore a symbol of sadness. Giving this type of jewelry would be a bad omen for the recipient, especially if it is an engagement gift.

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