Bombshell: Gemma leaves Men and Women! He will participate in the famous game show



Surprising news from Men and Women about Gemma Galgani, one of the most famous and talked about women

In recent years, Gemma Galgani has often been talked about. The famous lady of Turin has been considered the queen of the throne of men and women, a figure discussed, evoked and often at the center of the arguments of the program.

Gemma Galgani (web source)

But recently his fame and centrality in the program has dropped dramatically. First of all, Gemma has fewer and fewer suitors, perhaps aware of the somewhat sticky nature of the lady. She also left the throne of queen of overs to her friend Ida Platano, who was increasingly center stage.

Even her sworn enemy Tina Cipollari considers her much less. Now, the well-known columnist seems to have targeted another lady like Pinuccia, dropping the rants with Gemma.

Gemma snubbed by men and women: she is in the running for the show on Sky

For this reason, Gemma Galgani would consider taking a break between Men and Women. The Turinese is ready to pack her bags, but temporarily. It won’t be a farewell to the dating show, as the hope of finding a mate on Channel 5 remains alive.

In addition to these valid reasons, Gemma from the beginning of the year 2023 could stop to embark on a new television adventure. It would appear that the 72-year-old is in contact with Sky production to take part in a major game show.

Gemma could be part of the new edition of Celebrity Masterchef, or the vip edition of Sky’s well-known culinary programme. The filming of this program should begin between January and next February, while the episodes would be broadcast in the spring, after the end of the classic edition of Masterchef. Celebrity Masterchef logo (web source)

Gemma would be inclined to free herself from male and female commitments for a few months and start this program, completely different from the encounter that has seen its protagonist for years now. But then she would be ready to come back as soon as possible.

Besides Gemma Galgani, an old acquaintance of U&D could also participate in Celebrity Masterchef: the former tronista Luca Salatino, currently engaged as a competitor of GF Vip 7.

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