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Blumhouse | Check out upcoming and expected horror films from the studio



Founded in 2000 by producer Jason Blum, production company Blumhouse has grown over two decades to become one of the most beloved companies for horror fans. While he doesn’t just produce films in the genre, with hits including Oscars, see Whiplash: In Search of Perfection (2014) and Infiltrate the Klan (2018), it’s safe to say Blumhouse has made a name for himself. on the market as one of the current horror titans.

In the genre, Blumhouse collects blockbuster franchises like Paranormal Activity, Supernatural (Insidious), A Night of Crime and the recent Death Gives You Congratulations and the Halloween reboot. Apart from that, he invests in productions from big names in the genre, such as M. Night Shyamalan, Jordan Peele, Leigh Whannell, James Wan and Mike Flanagan. Even though not all of the studio’s good intentions turn out exactly as planned, see the reboot of A Ilha da Fantasia, Blumhouse continues to bet on all sides, turning and moving, delivering a work that captivates audiences, growing in popularity, as the It’s the affair with the teenager “Terrify” Freaky – In the body of an assassin.

In any case, there is no denying that Blumhouse is arousing the interest of fans and aficionados of the genre, delivering horror productions to suit all styles and tastes, be they the most conceptual, teenagers or even a mix of the. two: pop movies with content. With that in mind, we’ve put together a new article bringing you, who like us fans of the studio, the next releases from one of Hollywood’s biggest “haunted houses” today. Check it out and comment on which ones you are most looking forward to.

A Night of Crime 5 – The Border

Debuting in July in much of the world, this is the fifth installment of one of the studio’s most successful franchises. A Crime Night presents a fictitious reality where overnight throughout the year and any crime is allowed without legal sanction. The first film dates from 2013 and starred Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey. Over the years they got bigger and bigger and now, after even a TV series, the plot shows a group of renegades ready to not stop at the end of the night of the crime. The protagonists are now Josh Lucas, Will Patton and the Mexican Ana de la Reguera.

Halloween kills: the horror continues

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This sequel was one of the films that suffered from the pandemic, slated to be moved from last year to 2021. Set to premiere in mid-October (just in time for Halloween), the film continues the events of the success. review and audience 2018, which placed one of the most famous and beloved horror franchises in the hands of Blumhouse. The purpose of Halloween (2018) was to forget all the sequels and be a direct sequel to the original 1978 film. But of course Michael Myers is not dead and here he is taken out of the fire by the fire department to continue. his reign of terror. This time, however, in addition to the trio of female protagonists, she will have to face the wrath of the whole city.

New partnership between director Scott Derrickson and Blumhouse, after the filmmaker was kicked out of Marvel’s Doctor Strange sequel. Derrickson also meets actor Ethan Hawke, from his hit The Entity (2012). Here the subject is a kidnapped boy and ghostly calls made from a broken cell phone. The story is based on a text by Joe Hill, son of Stephen King. The premiere is scheduled for 2022. The film is currently in post-production.

Planned as a trilogy by director David Gordon Green, Blumhouse’s new films even managed to attract the presence of original creator John Carpenter, who stayed away from the franchise after the third film in 1982. Carpenter is producing the new ones. movies. However, it is only after the events presented in Halloween Kills that we will know what awaits us on Halloween Ends, the much-heralded conclusion of the trilogy, scheduled for October 2022. What to say, if nothing changes, c is that she will do the trick. of the trio of female protagonists, the Strode clan, with grandmother (Jamie Lee Curtis), daughter (Judy Greer) and granddaughter (Andi Matichack).

As said, Blumhouse is attacking many sides, from adaptations of famous games to old TV series and classic movie reboots. The studio has also managed to plant its fangs in some works by famous author Stephen King. He’s one of them, who was even taken to theaters in 1984, in a post-ET movie starring Drew Barrymore – The Alien. In the plot, a little girl has the supernatural gift of setting anything on fire, using only her mind. In the past, the explanation was a science experiment his parents had been subjected to. In this remake, we don’t know yet. What we do know, however, is that Zac Efron will be playing Patriarch Andy McGee. The film is currently in the filming phase, with no release date set, but is expected in 2022.

After a hiatus of at least 6 years without a movie from the Paranormal Activity franchise, Blumhouse is already releasing a new sequel from the oven. Not much is known about the project, whether it’s actually a continuation or a reboot. What we do know is that production is currently in the filming phase and is being directed by William Eubank from the ambitious sci-fi thriller The Deep Threat (2020) starring Kristen Stewart.

Five nights at Freddy’s

The latest name to join the Blumhouse “family” is Chris Columbus, often associated with children’s productions for the whole family. It turns out that the filmmaker is also responsible for creating the Gremlins which mixes a childish atmosphere with certain levels of tension and terror. And that’s exactly what we should find in this adaptation of a famous video game which has already sold several titles. In the plot, a young man looking to earn a few pennies ends up accepting a job as a night porter in a pizzeria. What was supposed to be an easy job turns out to be the biggest challenge of his life when strange supernatural events begin to occur at the scene. The film is still in pre-production and has no announced release date.

With the classics it does not move. Have you ever heard this premise? Well, after the success of Halloween (2018), we can tweak it a bit. Don’t move unless it’s David Gordon Green. Blumhouse has purchased the rights to one of the most famous horror franchises and intends to do with it what it did with Halloween, in other words, revitalize it for the new times, but in striving for so much quality that it will also receive praise from the specialist. reviews. And for that, there is nothing more fair than calling the same guy to order the same guy who apparently got the Michael Myers franchise back on track. The Exorcist will also be a direct sequel to the original 1973 film and will forget all of the film’s sequels. The work is still in the pre-production phase.

Dark Universe’s plans may have come crashing down after The Mummy (2017) failed starring Tom Cruise, but Universal quickly recovered when he brought in filmmaker Leigh Whannell to redesign his classic monsters from a more minimalist and believable way. time. Thus, The Invisible Man (2020) became a critical and public success by mixing the HG Wells classic with a plot about domestic violence and violence against women. Now let’s see what the director will offer with his version of Werewolf. What we do know is that it will star Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling. The feature film is in pre-production.

Also joining the Blumhouse team, this is the studio’s first partnership with one of the most inventive and famous filmmakers of recent years, cult Darren Aronofksy. After blowing the minds of many with Abstract Mother! (2017), and revolted by so many others, the director returns, next to the macabre house of ideas, to give his vision of a Ghost Ship film. What will we see from there? We know that the protagonist will be Aronofsky’s usual collaborator, Jared Leto (Requiem for a Dream). The feature film is in pre-production.

This one is not even in the pre-production phase yet, yet it is one of the ones that generates the most expectations. Created for the Todd McFarlane comics, the new film will be directed by Todd McFarlane, which may raise some suspicion. The new Spawn is on the list because it is promised as a highly regarded film with a lot of horror elements. The mood is there, as the story is about a government assassin returning from hell to get revenge after being betrayed. The film was announced with the names of Jamie Foxx as the protagonist, and Jeremy Renner linked.

Christine – The Killer Car

This other adaptation of a book by Stephen King has also been confirmed, this one more famous and popular. All because the story was already brought to the cinema in 1983 in the form of a production directed by master John Carpenter. In King’s book “The Brick”, a shy young man changes completely and begins to face gang bullies as soon as he falls in love with a car and begins to renovate it, changing himself as well. Bryan Fuller, screenwriter of series like Hannibal and Star Trek: Discovery will resume directing.

After the second film, the timeline of the Supernatural franchise traveled back in time with the third feature film and then followed the personal story of Lyn Shaye’s character, paranormal investigator Elise Rainier. Now we’ll visit the Lambert family again, 10 years after we last saw them, and meet little Dalton, now grown up in college. Patrick Wilson is also returning as Patriarch Josh, and it is announced that the actor will make his directorial debut in the film. As said, the film has just been announced, without any confirmation.

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