Bleached Brows, eyebrow lightening trend Paris Fashion Week



Everyone knows them as Bleached Brows, once again setting trends with the complicity of the fashion weeks that have just ended. Lightened, almost transparent eyebrows play on contrasts and are very popular with models and stars.

With the arrival of autumn, also thanks to the month of fashion week, a beauty trend has exploded again that until now only the most daring had followed. Among the former, many will surely remember Maisie Williams, a young star who rose to fame with Game of Thrones. Since wrapping up filming for the fantasy series, the actress has allowed herself a number of makeovers and, among the most memorable, the Bleached Brows, or lightened eyebrows, stand out.

Credits: Nicola Peltz / Instagram

Even Lila Moss, not so long ago, had dusted off the trend that had become a real phenomenon with the new Fashion Weeks that enchanted the whole world. Models on the catwalk and VIP guests showed their appreciation and followed the trend by making the eyebrows much lighter, even compared to the shade of the hair creating a real detachment.

The lightening of the eyebrows returns to dictate the trend: the Bleached Brows

We assume that you don’t need to have a particular predisposition for Bleached Brows. They perfectly match the type of complexion and the color of the eyes and hair. An example? Take Maisie Williams at the Givenchy show in Paris. During Fashion Week, the actress wore a brunette, wet-look pixie cut, while the eyebrows were very light, icy blonde, which on the fair complexion was almost transparent. Or yet another example is that of Bella Hadid. A rising supermodel, she sported long, straight brown hair and blond, tending-to-white eyebrows. Her sister Gigi, meanwhile, offered another total blonde combination: the hair and eyebrows are therefore light shades.

Kylie Jenner, Madonna, Bella Hadid. Credits: Instagram

Nicola Peltz also arrived at Paris Fashion Week and appeared among the guests of Givenchy first and Victoria Beckham later with lightened eyebrows that further show off the blue eyes and chocolate-colored hairdo. And to think that the wife of Brooklyn Beckham is not afraid to dare, considering that for months we have only talked about the alleged quarrel with her stepmother. But, with the support shown at Fashion Week, they finally put out the fire of gossip.

Credits: Maisie Williams / Nicola Peltz / Levante / Instagram

Another internet star who has enjoyed the trend, showing it off in turn, is Kylie Jenner, sister of Kim Kardashian who showed her followers her honey blonde eyebrows. Even her sister Kendall, some time ago, started the trend on the catwalks. Just like Levante also came up with a completely light look, switching to a ginger red and blonde eyebrows. And what about Madonna, with neon orange hair, dark roots and icy blonde eyebrows?

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