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Bleach, here’s how you can use it to clean: “amazing”



Bleach is one of the most common chemicals used to clean and disinfect surfaces, especially those in the bathroom. If we were to do a survey, we would find that very few people have ever used bleach. But those who use it do not always know the full potential and contraindications of this product. Here are some curiosities that will allow you to use it correctly and with greater safety. One of the most controversial factors of bleach is the smell, which gives us the idea of ​​cleaning and disinfecting.

Precisely for this reason we really use it everywhere, to wash and disinfect clothes (sometimes we use it wrongly also for underwear, which being a delicate fabric should not be treated with chemicals ), to disinfect the whole house, especially the bathroom and we pour it into the toilet by the liter to make it as clean as possible and super bright white. In short, some of us could not live without it. Now let’s try to shed light, and understand what this extraordinary product is made of.

First of all, it should be clarified that bleach, like other disinfectants (e.g. amukine), is an aqueous solution containing between 1 and 25% sodium hypochlorite (chemically indicated by the abbreviation NaClO). The acclaimed whitening action of bleach, so popular with consumers, occurs through the release of oxygen (O), contained in sodium hypochlorite. But be careful not to abuse this product on a daily basis, because being of chemical composition, it releases substances into the environment, which could cause respiratory problems.

There is no specific prohibition regarding the use of these substances, the law exposes itself in this regard, only saying that it is strongly discouraged to use these products on a daily basis, therefore during ordinary cleaning, because not only does this pose health risks, but it is held responsible for pollution. Many people mistakenly tend to mix it with other chemicals and various products in an attempt to get better results in the shortest time. Which is completely false.

Because the use of bleach with other disinfectant products, such as hydrochloric acid, would generate a very dangerous chlorine gas, which, in the event of accidental inhalation, would prove to be very toxic to our health. Be very careful not to mix it even with vinegar because even if it may seem harmless, combined with bleach, it generates a corrosive acid which could strongly irritate the mucous membranes but also other parts of the body such as the skin, eyes and lungs.

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