Blair’s Witch turns 21 | 10 Trivia on the footage found from the groundbreaking film!



“The Blair Witch” revolutionized cinema upon release, shocking audiences with a completely new style of film – Found Images. Although he was not the pioneer of this way of telling stories (since “ Holocausto Canibal ” was the first work), the feature film directed by Eduardo Sánchez and Daniel Myrick popularized the genre and terrified audiences. during its exhibition.

While it doesn’t age as well as you might expect, “ The Blair Witch ” is a very important film in cinema history and without it several well-known productions wouldn’t even see the day – like ‘Paranormal Activity’, ‘Broken Friendship’ and ‘Seeking …’. Eventually, the style became so used that it ended up falling into the similitude formulas – and even the continuation and reboot of this classic iteration wasn’t as successful as the original.

Regardless, the film turned 21 in 2020 and continues to be revisited – including its controversies that help fuel its mythology. Therefore, we have separated a list of ten curiosities behind the scenes of production.



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The film entered the Book of Records for the majestic collection at the box office: “The Blair Witch” earned nearly $ 250 million on a budget of $ 60,000 – earning nearly $ 11,000 for each expense. The unexpected success resulted in a streak that didn’t make the same sound, titled “The Witch of Blair 2 – The Book of Shadows.”


The film has one of the fastest productions in history: the recordings lasted only eight days. However, the edition lasted eight months.


“The Blair Witch” took the world by storm – but not just as people imagined it. In fact, much of the audience thought the production was a real documentary, leading several fans to believe the Legend of the Witch was factual. People started traveling to Maryland to find out more about what had happened – and some lawyers and bailiffs reached out to the film’s production to make sure everyone was alive.


Several sequences in the feature film caused fights between the protagonists, ultimately resulting in their separation. To promote this “discord”, the directors have voluntarily given them less and less food as the days go by.


In the original script, the titular witch is expected to be seen in the film. As the characters emerged from their tents, the group’s cameraman moved the camera to the side and showed a white woman in a dress. However, the cameraman forgot to make the movement during filming and the scene was not re-recorded.


The actors had pages and pages of the mythology behind the story, even before filming began. All the speeches were improvised and almost all the events of the film took place without the science of the performers, normally surprised to ensure the naturalness of the production.


Heather Donahue admitted that there had been a considerably negative impact after the film’s release, thanks to her association with “The Blair Witch”. She even went so far as to reveal that she had threatened to meet her entire life and was struggling to find another job. Donahue’s mother, in turn, has received several condolence calls for her daughter’s alleged death.


“ The Blair Witch ” was one of the first films to use a viral marketing campaign, which indicated that the three main characters had in fact gone to the forest to shoot a documentary and were never seen again – leaving parts of film never seen before. . The three actors were even advised not to make public appearances to increase the mystery of the production.



The original cut of the feature film would take two and a half hours – an extremely longer time than usual for horror films. In the end, the film was reduced to 81 minutes (less than an hour and a half on screen).


Some audience members had traumatic experiences with the film, even feeling sick from the movement of the camera (which stayed in hand the entire time). Some people even threw up in movie theaters. In Toronto city halls, supervisors advised young people with a tendency to have nausea to sit by the hallways and try not to throw up on others.

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