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‘Blade’: Mahershala Ali comments on MCU future [SPOILERS]




To everyone’s surprise, Mahershala Ali made his Blade debut on the MCU long before the release of his solo film, “Eternos.” The character has been confirmed to be the owner of the mysterious voice who speaks with Dane Whitman (Kit Harington) in one of the post-credits scenes in the film.

In the scene in question, Dane plans to pick up the Ancient Ebony Sword, which is accompanied by a horrific curse of blood. Blade seems to be wondering if the character is really ready for the consequences of the curse …

In an interview with Empire, Mahershala Ali revealed that he was nervous about presenting only the character’s voice, reflecting on his future in the Marvel Universe.

“It was a lot of fun being able to do that. It was scary because you are introduced to it before you even start filming. I’m pretty adamant about my choices, like most actors, so having to make those choices so early – even just vocally – really made me anxious. And that made my work real. I was like, ‘Okay, this is really happening.’ And it’s very exciting.

He adds: “I am very excited to continue and to do more.”

Enjoy watching:

Blade’s solo film is scheduled for release October 7, 2022.

Previously, director Bassam Tariq had met IndieWire and promised fans that his version would pay homage to the original trilogy, starring Wesley Snipes.

“What’s most exciting about the movie we make is that there was no canon for ‘Blade’, as we read the comics and stuff,” he explained. . “His life in broad daylight was an established thing, and we know we can’t deny what Wesley Snipes did. A black man created the world of superheroes we’re in, that’s the truth. For me, working with someone as talented and awe-inspiring as Mahershala Ali and screenwriter Stacy Osei-Kuffour, I am very honored to work with these black talents. For me, just being with them in the room, listening and learning as I build all of this is truly an honor.

The news of Tariq’s hiring was greeted with great enthusiasm by fans, as it represented one more step towards the realization of the project – and it did not take long for some of them to express their joy on social networks.

Check out the main reactions below:

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WE HAVE OUR BLADE DIRECTOR! Helmer Bassam brings the new Daywalker to life! Thanks to Marvel for giving these POC Indy directors a chance! Fuck GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!

– Martin Luther Kang the Conqueror Jr #StopAsianHate (@UpToTASK) July 19, 2021

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have our director ‘Blade’! Director Bassam brings it to life! Applause for Marvel for giving these independent directors a chance.

Blade now has a director, screenwriter, and lead star. Now give me that release date

– Reiss 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@ReissFerguson) July 19, 2021

“’Blade’ now has a director, a screenwriter and a protagonist. Now give me the release date.

i wanted a black director for blade but i will take it

– aniya (@eIixirgenius) July 19, 2021

“I wanted a black director for ‘Blade’, but I’ll take this one.”

Blade has a director! After checking out Bassam Tariq, it looks like I saw an excellent short documentary titled “Ghosts of Sugar Land” which is now on Netflix. “Mogul Mowgli” looks very promising. It is an interesting choice to make!

– Jacob Dominguez (@mrjakedominguez) July 19, 2021

“’Blade’ has a director! After researching more on Bassam Tariq, I saw that he had a great documentary called “Ghosts of Sugar Land” which is on Netflix. ‘Mogul Mowgli’ looks quite promising. It was a very interesting choice for the management.

Complaints about the fact that the new director of the Blade series, Bassam Tariq, is not black strikes me as strange. Marvel bringing the talents of a Pakistani Muslim to this platform is huge. Together, with Stacy Osei-Kuffour and Mahershala Ali, the show will be a powerhouse of diverse talents.

– starboy ™ 📀 (@DanJamesFrank) July 19, 2021

“Marvel bringing the talents of a Pakistani Muslim to the platform is amazing.”

Remember that filming does not begin until July 2022.

Recently, Kevin Feige, Creative Director of Marvel, said the reboot will last no longer than 18 years.

“I think we direct everything we do to children and adults. I know fans would love to see a ‘Blade’ movie without restrictions, but they don’t. Turns out ‘Deadpool’ has established itself as an R-rated film before, and changing that proposition wouldn’t do, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to invest that rating in just any movie.

He reinforced that:

“We have never been prevented from telling good stories with softer notes. if we ever go [impedidos], then there can certainly be some discussion on the topic. But our model is working so far.

Mahershala Ali will be the main protagonist of the film, whose name is “Blade: The Vampire Slayer”.

The title refers directly to the first anti-hero comics created in 1973 by screenwriter Marv Wolfman and illustrator Gene Colan.

Make sure to watch:

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