‘Black Panther 2’: ‘Volume’ on Namor’s Shorts Digitally Reduced and Fans FREAKING OUT; Check out the reactions”



When the trailer for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever After” was released, many fans noticed the big bulge in the shorts of Namor, played by Tenoch Huerta.

However, the “volume” was turned down by the VFX team when the film hit theaters, and fans are freaking out over the “injustice”.

Check out the reactions:

They stole it https://t.co/1FLmshP9Zy

— 🇺🇸Danilo🏁🌵 (@FavBandeira) November 16, 2022

what a cowardice they did to my loveless buddy… https://t.co/etpKck1lXy

— Ryan (@RyanzinBrabo) November 16, 2022

Take the time to watch:

#Namor joins the Prince club from Cinderella and Superman. Who will be the next one ???? #WakandaForever https://t.co/fyT8gZ9C2b

— Bruna Jones (@odiariodebrunaj) November 16, 2022

They fucked up my little house Kukulcan

They literally reduced the size of the snake https://t.co/IgxI5KNEpt

— I’m back🅰️ᶜᵉᶜ (@SamirLucasM) November 16, 2022

They silenced the man lol https://t.co/5MUb8wRW6Z

— Balote (@BaloteCRF) November 16, 2022

LOL SLC https://t.co/ONnCrqTKwX

— Peter 📸 (7-7) (@pedroabstract) November 16, 2022

have seen https://t.co/R1zPeopFi1 pic.twitter.com/lMnybNJBpr

— ★ Brazilian sakura ★ (@im_brandaovivi) November 16, 2022

Apparently, Marvel’s heroes, according to Marvel itself, all have to be baroque little angels…kkkk.

— Sidney Marks (@SidneyRP_2022) November 16, 2022

1- With emotion 2- Without emotion.

— New Girl (@NewGirl) November 17, 2022

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Don’t forget that ‘Black Panther 2’ is out in theaters.

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