‘Black Panther 2’ Director Says ‘Aquaman’ Helped Namor’s Success in Sequel



Those who follow comics and animation know that DC and Marvel have created characters with similar characteristics, like Aquaman and Namor.

Both are rulers of underwater kingdoms and have similar abilities, which ends up generating comparisons among fans.

In the cinema, “Aquaman” was released in 2018, with Jason Momoa in the lead role.

Namor was only introduced to the big screen this year, played by Tenoch Huerta in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.”

Inserted into the plot as the main antagonist, the character received high praise from critics and audiences.

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And, during an interview with Uproxx, director Ryan Coogler said the movie “Aquaman” was a big part of Namor’s success.

Additionally, it was the part of the DC movie that Coogler and his team shaped how Namor would be adapted to the big screen.

“I think the success of ‘Aquaman’ in cinematic parlance ended up being kind of an indirect focus, where we leaned into the things that might make Namor different. We did it out of respect for the audience. , because a lot of people have seen “Aquaman” A lot of people love this movie and we couldn’t emulate what was done.

He continued:

“It was our job to have that sense of awareness of what we could add or take away from the character while still keeping the audience interested. I think giving people something different is really unique, and that’s always better. . [fazer algo original]🇧🇷 We wanted to build on the things that make these two characters different from each other, as they have a lot of other similarities in the comics.

Coogler mentions the changes because instead of being portrayed as an inhabitant of Atlantis, Namor was chosen as the ruler of Talokan, and the kingdom is largely inspired by the Mayan culture, one of the pre-Columbian civilizations that inhabited the region. from Mexico.

It should be remembered that “Black Panther 2” is still playing in theaters.

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