‘Birds of Paradise’: Amazon drama ‘Black Swan’ gets photos, release date



Amazon Studios has released the first official sequence for “Birds of Paradise,” a new original drama centered around two ballerinas from a prestigious dance academy.

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The film was directed and written by Sarah Adina Smith (“Buster’s Mal Heart”), based on the novel “Bright Burning Stars” by AK Small.

The story centers on two ballet dancers who attend an elite academy in Paris, where they vie for a contract to attend the city’s coveted national opera. Kate Sanders is an ambitious and talented ballerina from Virginia, USA who does not return to school due to her tomboy nature and low income status. To attend the gymnasium, she obtains a scholarship.

She quickly establishes a “friendship” situation with Marine Durand, a beautiful and mysterious dancer who takes care of her brother’s suicide. The two have to contend with their competitive nature, their sexual discoveries and how far they are willing to go to secure the contract.

Diana Silvers and Kristine Froseth play Kate and Marine respectively. Jacqueline Bisset is also part of the cast.

‘Birds of Paradise’ is scheduled for release on September 24.

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