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‘Billion Dollar Spy’: Armie Hammer Dismissed after Rape and Cannibalism Charges



Actor Armie Hammer has been pulled from another film project, due to harsh accusations of sexual abuse and cannibalism surrounding his name.

According to EW magazine, the star will no longer star in the Cold War thriller titled “Billion Dollar Spy”. The production, still follows with Mads Mikkelsen in the cast and will be directed by Amma Asante.

The company responsible for the project, Walden Media, has not released a statement regarding the decision to fire the actor from the project.

Hammer’s departure is surrounded by reports of cannibalism and sexual abuse, and comes less than two weeks after the actor’s last charge. Also according to EW, a woman accused the popular “Call me by your name” star for “rape and other acts of violence” in 2017.

During a virtual press conference, the woman identified as Effie claimed the actor had abused her “mentally, emotionally and sexually” for four years, in a back-and-forth relationship.

Amidst the charges, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed it was opening an investigation in February this year.

Recalling that Variety recently reported that Hammer’s personal advisor had fired him as a client as well. Hammer also left the cast of the original Paramount + series, “The Offer.”

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With all the controversy, the actor was “forced to resign” from all his next projects. The actor has also been released from ‘Gaslit’, a new series from the creator of ‘Mr. Robot ‘, Sam Esmail.

Since these supposed posts first appeared online, several women have presented similar stories.

In his first public statement after the events, the actor said:

“I will not respond to these stupid allegations, but due to spurious and perverse online attacks against me, I cannot in good conscience leave my children for four months to shoot a movie in the Dominican Republic. Lionsgate supports me and I am grateful to them, ”he said.

A spokesperson for the feature film commented that: “Given the looming start date for filming, Armie asked to step away from the film and we supported him in his decision.”

The actor’s sexual messages were leaked through an anonymous social media account under the name House of Effie. The messages, allegedly from Hammer, detailed disturbing sexual fantasies.


Star Armie Hammer has been the subject of much controversy, amid strong accusations of cannibalism, rape and abuse by a user. Through a closed Instagram account, titled @houseofeffie, the alleged victim shared alleged impressions of private conversations with the ‘Call Me By Your Name’ star and recently posted two images intended to corroborate the veracity of the allegations.

The conversations date back to 2016, according to the Daily Mail portal, but the two exchanged new messages as early as February 2020, when Hammer was married to actress Elizabeth Chambers.

In the most recent shared footage, Hammer assumes allegedly unhealthy, manipulative, and possessive behavior, clearly expressing his desire to turn the alleged victim into his “slave” and property.

In possible conversations – the veracity of which has yet to be proven – the popular Hollywood star punctuates his desire to mutilate the woman, revealing that he wants to remove one of her toes to keep a piece of him in his “possession. “.

In some excerpts from the posts, Hammer reportedly said:

“You only live to obey. I will own you. This is my soul. My spirit. My body. Do you want to come and be my property until you die ?. What if I wanted to cut off one of your toes and keep it with me in my pocket so that I always have a piece of it in my possession?

Look at the picture:

In other shocking snippets of the conversation, Hammer – allegedly drunk – calls himself the “master” of the possible victim, detailing how he would like to have relations with her, treating her as his “slave“. “:

“But I mean… I think just like you are on one side of the slave spectrum, I am on the other side of the master spectrum and I can’t imagine having another slave,” he wrote. “I don’t even want it. I would never feel anything so strong. Very drunk and honest. You are mine and I am yours. It doesn’t matter what happens. And we tested it to the extreme. Your master, said Armie.

Look at the picture:

Through the conversations presented by the Internet user, it is also possible to identify an extramarital relationship between her and the actor, who shares some details of his routine with his daughter Harper, mentioned several times in excerpts from a chat private. Often referring to the outings he would make with the little girl, this would theoretically be a tactic to cover up encounters with the alleged victim.

Check out some additional fragments of his speech and the respective images:

“I don’t need that right now. I need to eat your whole body. I need to touch every part of you inside and out. That’s all. The toys are all very good… but I want to consume every part of you. I want to take pieces from you, ”he wrote. Effie then asked if Armie was drunk and the actor confirmed that he was.

“Harper isn’t sleeping so it will be a tortuous walk in silence for a while haha,” the actor wrote. “Almost there. I’m scary.” Asked by the alleged victim he referred to, Hammer claimed to be close to his residence.

In another print supposedly made by the Internet user, the star comments on the discretion of the former partnership, asking him not to use elements likely to raise suspicion about the extramarital affair:

“You don’t wear perfume or lip gloss, do you?” Hammer asked. The victim replied that she was too tired to meet him: “So let’s wait until tomorrow. I’m so exhausted I’m asexual now, ”she said. Laughing, Armie Hammer insisted on the conversation: “I want to see you !! Even if it’s only for a second ?? If I walk with her (Harper), I’ll call you… If you sleep, go to sleep and see you tomorrow morning ”.

The alleged victim also shared another snippet of conversation, which was accompanied by a compromising image of the actor, which theoretically simulated a hanging, with one of his hands on his own neck.

In the excerpt from the conversation in question, Armie Hammer comments:

“I literally sent Harper alone, and I sat down as soon as we started talking with my hands on her little throat.

Look at the image of the conversation, followed by the photo:

The alleged victim also shared another private photo sent by the actor, which brings Hammer’s arm around little Harper, who is sleeping:

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