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Biggest box office hits of 2021



Yes, we know, the year isn’t over yet, by the way, we’re still going to have their super premieres in December with Spider-Man 3: No Return Home (15) and The Matrix Resurrections (22). That is to say that until then everything can change, as well as this list. Likewise, since last year with the arrival of the pandemic, the cinema box office figures are beyond the atypical, 2020 being practically non-existent and 2021 only increasing after the second half of the year – at least in the United States. Something which, obviously, is linked to the application of vaccines and the return of the public to malls and multiplexes.

However, even in this short period of time, some productions have managed to stand out and achieve admirable numbers, suggesting that normality should return until next year – if new variations do not emerge, of course. . In any case, it’s really impressive how many films have managed to reach close to billions, even in this time when everyone has organized themselves financially. The most surprising thing is that the top spots were not occupied by famous Hollywood blockbusters, but by oriental productions that few people have seen or even had access to here in Brazil, for example. Leaving behind us many great American productions.

So check out our list with the detailed numbers of all those films that marked new beginnings this year and that we talked about even when I couldn’t take it anymore. Indeed, after leaving the cinema, many of these works began to receive even more commentary when they arrived in streaming. It’s always good to remember that the window of transition from cinema to home video shrinks, when they’re not debuting together, as some titles released on services like Disney +, HBO Max, and spinoffs do. Comment if you’ve seen them all mentioned or liked at least some of them. Ah, box office values ​​will be represented using the US dollar currency.

10 – Dune (October – USA)

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Starting with Duna, undoubtedly the biggest production of the year in terms of achievement and size of the project, and which once again places Denis Villeneuve in a delicate situation in terms of the box office. In Blade Runner 2049, another film of colossal magnitude, Villeneuve received a lot of critical acclaim, but he slipped at the box office. Duna followed pretty much the same path, struggling to win an amount that only had to pay the budget cost, but got the green light for her pursuit.

World ticket: $ 382,709,010

09 – Eternals (November – USA)

Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao received, in an unprecedented way in the studio, a very negative reception from critics and the public after the release of her Eternos. The film is a strange being among other Marvel productions, trying to create a serious environment, full of cultural and religious concepts with heroes who appear to be icons on Earth – in DC style. The functionality isn’t that bad, but it’s nowhere near what Marvel fans expect. However, he still got some nice money, beating Duna out.

World ticket: $ 385,057,010

08 – Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (September – USA)

Shang-Chi, on the other hand, followed the usual formula and did very well, thank you, being appreciated by both critics and target audience. It’s a film without compromise, full of good action scenes and full of humor. The result was shown with the expressive numbers at the box office and the confirmation that we will have more adventures from the studio’s new oriental hero.

World ticket: $ 431,956,458

07 – Godzilla vs. Kong (March – US)

In fact, the current long-awaited meeting between the two most famous movie giants, Godzilla and Kong, has failed in terms of a more interesting story – the plot they insert there halfway through the film is absorbing. However, when it comes to visual effects and action scenes, Godzilla vs. Kong is crammed with gigantic settings and endless obstacles. Mainly for the mechanical surprise that seems to confront the duo. Even in the midst of a pandemic, the film blew up blocks.

World ticket: $ 467,863,133

06 – Venom: Time of Carnage (October – USA)

Who would have thought that the highest-grossing superhero movie of the year wouldn’t be a Marvel movie, but rather a label hero, Venom: Time for Carnage, which was released by Sony Pictures and seems to have won over audiences? for once. Admittedly, the third Spider-Man will surpass those numbers, however, qualities aside, one must recognize the feat of the owner of the Playstation and admit that he is, even by leaps and bounds, building his own universe at the movie theater. The end credits link then blew fans’ heads.

World ticket: $ 483,257,490

05 – Detective Chinatown 3 (February – China)

Here begins the first case of the list where appears a Chinese title, a market which manages to be maintained and to reach figures beyond the expression. Detective Chinatown 3 is a comedy and adventure film starring the duo Qin Feng and Tang Ren who, after passing through Bangkok and New York, leave for a new destination in Tokyo. So, with a new crime to analyze, the two go to great lengths to find the culprit and solve this other mystery. The film only arrived in Brazil via Telecineplay and hardly anyone saw it, but the box office was surreal.

World ticket: $ 686,257,563

04 – Fast and Furious 9 (June – United States)

It’s amazing how with each movie the Fast and Furious franchise gets more and more absurd and just as fun. In this 9th title of the series, which takes place in space (!), We see that there are no limits for the directors of Velozes and their crazy ideas. Fans, by the way, get carried away by all the madness and show their usual strength at the box office. Profits always list the most profitable productions of the year.

World ticket: $ 726,229,501

03 – 007 – No Time to Die (September – United Kingdom – United States)

This year, we’ve had Daniel Craig farewell as Agent 007, in one of the franchise’s most emotional, courageous and painful moments with the sensational No Time to Die. James Bond has never been so ruthless, and he has never been so human. Even in a delicate pandemic moment, everyone has gone to the movies to verify the outcome with a golden key and make this chapter the biggest box office of a North American production in 2021 – so far!

World ticket: $ 726,229,501

02 – Hello mom (February – China)

It’s another Chinese comedy that not many people in the West have seen, but it was a real phenomenon there. Still unreleased in Brazil, Hi Mom was written, directed and performed by acclaimed local comedian Jia Ling, and starred partner actors Shen Teng, Chen He and Zhang Xiaofei. The film was released on February 12, 2021 in China and has won over all those who talk about family love and other facets of the theme.

World ticket: $ 822,009,764

01 – The Battle of Changjin Lake (September – China)

And the first place for the biggest box office on record this year goes to The Battle of Changjin Lake – another Chinese film yet to be seen here. It is not a comedy film, but about the war, directed by the trio Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark and Dante Lam and written by the duo Lan Xiaolong and Huang Jianxin, and starring Wu Jing and Jackson Yee in the main roles. As of December 5, the Battle of Changjin Lake had raked in a total of nearly $ 900 million. It is the highest grossing film in Chinese history. In the first two days of its release alone, the feature grossed a total of $ 82 million and reached 1.012 billion yuan ($ 155.12 million) as of October 2. Really impressive all of this.

World ticket: $ 899,259,751

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