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Beware of this type of sushi, you can find worms inside: here is which one



Nowadays, we have all learned the typical terms that distinguish Chinese cuisine. Going to sushi has become, even for Italians, a beautiful habit that has introduced us to a new culinary culture characterized by delicate flavors composed in an exotic way. In addition to the palate, sushi is also a feast for the eyes: well-prepared dishes are brought to you, capable of attracting our attention and curiosity.

But, as a very famous saying suggests, all that glitters is not gold: opening your eyes is a study carried out by a well-known university in Washington, from which it appears that the fish used in sushi is the ideal place where a certain parasitic worm is able to persist and multiply. It’s the herring worm. This parasite from the 70s to today has experienced a real explosion: its presence has been found about 283 times more than forty years ago.

Contrary to what its name suggests, the parasite does not just attack herring, it generally targets all varieties of fish, even seafood. Unfortunately it is a small parasite, it rarely reaches 2 cm, and for this reason it is difficult to identify even by those who prepare fish for sushi. If by chance we should ingest it with fish, don’t worry too much, it’s not deadly, but it’s still a very dangerous parasite because it tries to burrow into the wall of our intestine.

Although it does not get positive results from its activity, it can cause strong and bothersome symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting, fever and can also lead to much more serious complications, such as causing infections of the intestinal wall or even a total blockage. of the digestive system. The medical literature also contains rare cases in which ingestion of the “herring worm” parasite has led to strong allergic reactions in subjects with already weakened immune systems.

As mentioned a few lines ago, the presence of this parasite in the oceans has more than tripled in recent years. Experts in the field advise us to go quietly eat sushi when we want, the important thing is to apply a simple precaution: cut each piece of sushi in half and check that there are no worms inside or, conversely, other foreign bodies.

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