Beware of this brand of flour, it may contain worms: here is which one



If you’ve found flour moths and don’t know how to get rid of them, you’ve come to the right place. Here is some small information on how to eradicate the infestation with natural and unnatural remedies. If you find worms in pasta or flour, you shouldn’t be afraid, as they are harmless. These are, as mentioned above, flour moths. Of course it’s true, seeing worms in pasta is not pleasant at all, but fortunately they pose no risk to our health. Despite this, you should know that their life cycle is complex and once adults they become similar to cockroaches.

Therefore, it is best to eliminate them immediately, before the infestation gets out of control and reaches large dimensions. Experiencing a mealworm infestation can be downright unpleasant. Let’s try to better understand how they manage to get to the shelves of supermarkets. These small insects feed on cereals and flours and therefore almost always proliferate between pasta, rice and, of course, flour.

As mentioned earlier, these are insects that in their adult form look like real “cockroaches”, but in the packaging of some foods they can be found even in the form of very small larvae. It may happen to buy slightly damaged or pierced packaging, in this case special attention must be paid, since the food could already be infested with eggs or larvae and therefore, in a short time, contaminate your entire pantry. to eat.

If unfortunately we have not noticed the damage quickly and we find ourselves infested, the only thing to do is to eradicate them as soon as possible, let’s see together a series of remedies to eliminate food moths. You start by emptying the pantry and checking the products one by one, to check whether or not they have contaminated other food (contaminated food should be thrown away), then you have to clean the space thoroughly and with care.

To clean the cabinet we can use lukewarm water and vinegar, which will not only clean the affected surface, but also serve to disinfect, it does not need to be rinsed but it is better to pass from first vacuum all corners of the closet. Don’t forget to clean the inside of cracks and crevices, these are favorite places for moths to lay their eggs. Finally, another natural remedy against the proliferation of flour moths, is to put in the pantry a small cotton swab soaked in essential oil, the most suitable are eucalyptus and lavender.

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