Beware of these dangerous apps – you may lose all your money



Although security systems have been updated on expensive digital stores, there are several apps you need to be careful of: they steal your money.

Again, your cell phone could be at risk. In fact, there are apps that can steal all your money. Be careful not to download all these applications.

You have to be very careful not to download these apps (via WebSource)

Although the Google Play Store has tightened the security controls present in the digital store over the past year, there are still many threats to the Android operating system. In fact, bad guys are always finding new ways to sneak malicious content into the smartphones of unsuspecting users. Researchers from the ThreatFabric portal thought about raising the new alarm. The company is primarily involved in IT security. According to the researchers, some seemingly innocuous applications, downloaded more than 300,000 times in total, have hidden a virus inside.

This Trojan is capable of stealing personal and banking information, including keys for two-factor authentication. These applications use an ingenious method to not be recognized as malicious by Google scans. Indeed, to circumvent the control systems, these applications are presented as scanners of QR codes or PDF documents, fitness assistants or even “wallets” for crypto-currencies. By doing so, this Trojan manages to evade Google’s security systems.

Beware of these apps, you don’t have to download them: the full list

Do not download these apps at all (via WebSource)

This latest malware hides in some apps and then attacks Android systems. When the user installs these apps, the content will only turn out to be harmful later when they request an update from a third party. The ThreatFabric team found the difference between before and after the update in the granted permissions and in the application code itself. Moreover, the deception is so clever that after the introduction of the Trojan, applications will work normally. So let’s see below all the applications not to download:

art.photo.editor.best.hot; bedtime.reminder.lite.sleep; com.am.i.the.best.friends.hh; com.appodeal.test; com.beauty.mirror.lite; com.bedtimehelper. android; com.bkkmaster.android; com.calculator.game; com.card.life; com.cartoon.camera.pro.android; com.code.identifier.android; com.code.recognizer.android; com.color. spy.game; com.cute.kittens.puzzlegame.android; com.cute.love.test.android; com.daily.wonderfull.moment; com.dailycostmaster.android; com.dangerous.writing.note; com.data. security.data; com.days.daysmatter365.android; com.days.remind.calendar; com.detector.noise.tool; com.dodge.emoji.game; com.dog.bark.picture.puzzle; com.drink. water.remind.you; com.ezzz.fan.sleep.noise; com.fake.call.girlfriend.prank2019; com.fakecaller.android; com.fake.caller.plus; com.false.location; com.fancy. lovetest.android; com.fast.code.scanner.nmd; com.filemanagerkilopro.android; com.filemanagerupro.android; com.filemanageryo.android; com.filemanagerzeropro.android; com.find.difference.detective.little; com. find.you.lover.test; com.frame. easy.phone; com.frank.video.call.lite; com.free.code.scanner.nmd; com.free.lucky.prediction.test; com.funny.lie.truth.detector; com.funny.word. game.english; com.game.color.hunter; com.ice.survival.berg; com.idays.dayscounter.android; com.important.days.matter; com.instanomo.android; com.isleep.cycleclock.android; com.led.color.light.rolling; com.lite.fake.gps.location; com.lovetest.plus.android; com.love.yourself.women; com.lucky.charm.text; com.lucky.destiny. cashier; com.magnifying.glass.tool; com.math.braingame.puzzle.riddle; com.math.iq.puzzle.riddle.braingame; com.math.puzzles.riddle.braingame; com.multiple.scanner.plus. nmd; com.my.big.days.counter; com.my.constellation.love.work; com.my.pocker.mobile.mirror; com.nanny.tool.data; com.nice.mobile.mirror.hd; com.nomophotoeditor.android; com.non.stop.writing; com.phone.lite.frame; com.phone.mirror.pro; com.pocker.pro.mobile.mirror; com.prank.call.fake.ring; com.phonecallmaker.android; com.pro.test.noise; com.puzzle.cute.dog.android; com.scan.code.tool; com.simple.days.coun ter; com.sleep.comfortable.sounds; com.sleep.in.rain; com.sleepassistantool.android; com.sleeptimer.android; com.smart.scanner.master.nmd; com.test.find.your.love; com.test.fortune.test; com.test.lover.match; com.tiny.scanner.tool.nmd; com.wmmaster.android; com.word.fun.level.english; good.lucky.is.coming. hh; mobi.clock.androidmy.lucky.goddness.today.test; newest.android.fake.location.changer; nmd.andriod.better.calculator.plus; nmd.andriod.mobile.calculator.master; nmd.android. best.fortune.explorer; nmd.android.better.fortune.signs; nmd.android.clam.white.noise; nmd.android.fake.incoming.call; nmd.android.good.luck.everyday; nmd.android. location.faker.master; nmd.android.multiple.fortune.test; nmd.android.scanner.master.plus; nmd.android.test.what.suitable; photo.editor.pro.magic; pic.art.photo. studio.picture; relax.ezzz.sleep.cradle; super.lucky.magican.newest; test.you.romantic.quize; well.sleep.guard.relax; your.best.lucky.master.test.new; com. ssdk.test; bedtime.reminder.lite.sleep; com.frank.video.call.lite.pro.p rank; com.personal.fortune.text; com.daily.best.suit.you; com.false.call.trick.

So here is the full list of apps not to download. In fact, inside them I hide malware. Completing the download will put your mobile phone at risk.

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