Beware of the consumption of this type of mushroom: this is what can happen



Mushrooms are fruits that come from the ground especially in autumn. These are foods that can have a more or less high toxicity: it all depends on the quality and especially the quantity of mushrooms ingested. Usually the whole fruit is called a mushroom, but that is not the case because the correct name to refer to them by would, in fact, be “fruits”. More and more amateur mushroom pickers are trying their hand at harvesting, even if they don’t have the necessary knowledge.

Congruently, hospital admissions of people who, immediately after ingesting mushrooms, complain of severe abdominal pain or other symptoms dating back to poisoning or, worse, poisoning, are also increasing. Unfortunately, the data that is emerging is truly worrying: every year more and more deaths in this period are due to mushrooms that appear healthy, but which contain toxins inside that are deadly for the human body.

This happens because, although there are many places in Italy where one can study mycology well, many people believe that they can recognize mushrooms and distinguish a poisonous species from a healthy one. Very often, these fruits really stand out for small things that an untrained eye cannot always recognize. And it is precisely in this way that serious damage is caused not only to oneself but also to others, because it is customary to have dinner or lunch with friends and relatives after picking up a beautiful loot of mushrooms.

The Italian associations that deal with the sector try to sensitize as much as possible children and men to educate themselves about these fruits, to avoid the tragedies that, unfortunately, increasingly fill our news pages. The leaders of these associations say they detect, especially among young people, a real interest in mycology and a real desire to go deeper into the subject. Precisely for these reasons, we are thinking of inserting a mycology course in schools, in order to raise awareness and inform the population of the future.

This chorus is joined by doctors, nurses and health personnel: they see people arriving in very bad shape because of someone who has done a job for which he does not have the right skills. They inform us that the deadly species are becoming more and more numerous, because our immune system is constantly changing and therefore also the response to the various fungi changes which can first cause us “only” indigestion, while now they are deadly.

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