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Best MORGAN FREEMAN Movies Currently Available On Stream



Morgan Freeman is one of those actors who are so talented that they can really play any role. And a bit of everything he’s done on screen. Heroes, villains, men in love, soldiers, senior thief, prisoner, boxing trainer, policeman, driver, Nelson Mandela, President of the United States and, of course, God: one of his most important roles. And Morgan Freeman is truly a working god.

Yesterday June 1, the legendary actor, Oscar winner (yes, we know it is a great injustice) and nominated for four others, completed a glorious 84 years of life. On this road in the entertainment world, Freeman already has a 57-year screen career – more than most of us in our life – and has 134 impressive credits as an actor. In order to honor this true living audiovisual legend, we have prepared an article with the best films of the actor currently available on the main streaming platforms, so that we can celebrate this week by honoring this true gift of the screens. Find out below.

We start with a real gem hidden in the filmography of the great actor, which is currently available in the Amazon Prime Video collection. The 1992 film is directed by John G. Avidelsen, the late director responsible for beloved works such as Rocky – Um Lutador (1976) and Karate Kid (1984). Here we have a partial biography of Bryce Courtenay himself, author of the book on which the film is based, a young Englishman raised in Africa during WWII, who through boxing became a symbol of local hope in moments difficult. The one playing his character in the film is Stephen Dorff, and Morgan Freeman lives his father figure and trainer.

Twelve years after the above article, Morgan Freeman would return to the boxing world in what is one of his most prestigious films. Well known and loved by fans Golden Girl is one of the masterpieces directed by Clint Eastwood, which will finally come in 2005 to do justice to Freeman’s career by dedicating him with the Oscar for the supporting role. But not only that, the work also won the Academy Awards for Best Picture, Director and Actress for protagonist Hilary Swank. In the story, Eastwood and Freeman are two senior boxing veterans who run a gym, until the arrival of a waitress with dreams of becoming a fighter changes their lives. The movie is also available on Amazon and is one of the best movies of all time on IMDB.

The same year as The Power of a Young Man, 1992, Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood’s first successful partnership kicked off, in what many say is the last great western in cinema. In the humble opinion of this friend who speaks to you, it is also one of the best films in the history of cinema. Not for less, like the article above, he won 4 Oscar statuettes: best film, director (Eastwood), editing and supporting role for Gene Hackman. In the plot, two elderly gunmen (Freeman and Eastwood) go on a mission to pocket a reward, and for that they will have to kill men on the orders of prostitutes. The obstacle will be an outright sheriff (Hackman). The film is currently on HBO Go and will most likely be part of the HBO Max collection. The film is also among the best of all time on IMDB.

This epic blockbuster answers the question of whether Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington, two great film actors, have ever worked together. And for our happiness the answer is: yes! It was in 1989 this real meeting of the titans, in this Columbia / Sony film on the Civil War. Winner of 3 Oscars (photo, sound and supporting role for Washington), the film chronicles the assault of Robert Gould Shaw (Matthew Broderick) while leading the first battalion composed entirely of black soldiers against the Confederate army. Glory Time is currently available on HBO Go.

Enjoy watching:

We follow the year 1989 and here close the movie tips contained in Amazon prime video streaming. This production marked an era because of its history of breaking down racial barriers at a time not very favorable to black citizens. Set in the 1950s, Freeman plays Hoke Colburn, a chauffeur hired to guide wealthy grande dame Daisy Werthan, the role of the unforgettable Jessica Tandy. At first, due to the temperament of the elderly woman, the relationship is troubled, but little by little a beautiful friendship is born. Driving Miss Daisy won 4 Oscars: Best Picture, Actress for Jessica Tandy, Adapted Screenplay and Makeup. The last three articles (The Unforgivables, Time in Glory and Driving Miss Daisy) plus A Dream of Freedom (1994) are Morgan Freeman’s favorite films in his own filmography.

Se7en was the film that catapulted both star Brad Pitt and director David Fincher to Hollywood in 1995. A thriller crafted in the style of The Silence of the Lambs, the feature film features Morgan Freeman as a retired Somerset veteran detective. Until he falls to his knees a budding detective transferred from another city (Pitt) and the worst case of his career: murders committed by a psychopath who is inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins. One of the 20 best films of all time on IMDB, Se7en was nominated for an Oscar for editing and is now part of the Telecine Play collection.

Also released in 1995, this film presents a terrifying reality, where our society is plagued by a highly contagious virus. Here we have another case where life imitated art. Or would it be a start, since Epidemic (Outbreak) is based on the spread of the Ebola virus, which scared the world in the 90s? We had no idea that something much worse would hit us in a few decades. Either way, this great Warner production stars Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo in the cast, and features Freeman as an Army General as part of the Shock Battalion to contain the virus. The film is available on HBO Go.

Se7en was so successful on release that producers quickly wanted to find another vehicle in the same mold for veteran Morgan Freeman. The choice was this Paramount production based on one of author James Patterson’s books about detective and forensic psychologist Alex Cross. In this first feature film, Freeman plays Cross investigating the disappearance of talented young women, including his own niece. One of the victims manages to escape, played by Ashley Judd, and helps investigate the psychopath known as Casanova. The 1997 thriller is available on the Telecine Play platform.

To wrap up the advice on Telecine Play, we have this one that marked Morgan Freeman’s first and only (so far) on-screen encounter with muse Angelina Jolie. Adaptation of an underground comic book directed by Russian Timur Bekmambetov, although many may not know it or remember it, The Wanted received two Oscar nominations in 2009: sound mixing and editing. Featured here, James McAvoy in his first starring role. He plays a guy frustrated with his office job who turns out to be the heir to a line of expert killers. To instruct her in her new life and her new gifts, a fully tattooed Angelina Jolie with bare back. Morgan Freeman saw the head of the secret organization.

Now we start the advice from today’s biggest streaming platform, Netflix – which unfortunately has the most lavish movies of Morgan Freeman’s career. This one, released the same year 2008 as the above article, is quite simply one of the most discussed features of recent years, to the point of becoming redundant. Anyway, we have another great performance from Freeman as Batman’s armorer Lucius Fox in best Q style for 007. The Dark Knight won 2 Oscars: Supporting Actor for Heath Ledger ( who plays the villainous Joker) and sound editing, as well as being one of the 4 best movies of all time on IMDB.

As noted at the beginning of the article, one of the characters that best matched Morgan Freeman was the figure of God – whom the actor portrayed in the films Almighty (2003) and its disastrous sequel The Return of the All – Mighty (2007). Here in this animation a tribute to this has been paid with the actor giving his voice to a spiritual messianic figure in the mold of God. The 2014 film plays a lot with several references from cinema and pop culture in general. Lego received the Oscar nomination for best song for “Tudo é Incredible” chewing gum. The film is also part of the Netflix collection.

Rounding out Morgan Freeman’s film nominations in the Netflix collection, here’s a 2016 documentary that is one of his lesser-known projects. It is precisely for this reason that we gladly shed light on the film. Written and directed by filmmaker Meghan O’Hara, the star lends her voice to tell about the so-called “industries of death”, which constantly give us cancer through their products and also shed light on their prevention. Despite the heavy theme, the documentary is sometimes surprising and funny.

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