Berlusconi melons meet the Ronzulli government



Giorgia Meloni will receive Silvio Berlusconi in Rome today October 17: the political rupture due to the La Russa affair is still deep but could gradually heal. In the meantime, Licia Ronzulli defends herself: “There has never been a case against me, the Center-right will be compact at Colle”.

On Sunday October 16, telephone contacts took place between Giorgia Meloni and Silvio Berlusconi, reports the TgCom24 site. The two leaders will meet in person via della Scrofa, as sources from Fratelli d’Italia and Forza Italia report. In an attempt to clarify her position and, indirectly, that of the Knight, Senator Licia Ronzulli intervened on the political issue that concerns her. “The Ronzulli affair never existed,” he said in a note. Ronzulli explains that she is “the daughter of a rifleman, my father served the country in the army for many years and taught me that serving the country is the first duty of every citizen and first of all those who have public responsibilities”.

Photo Ansa / Angelo Carconi

And right now, Italy “needs to have a government as soon as possible, with a high-level team, supported by a united, cohesive and compact centre-right coalition. Just as he presented himself to the Italians and as the Italians asked us to do”. For this reason, “in the next few days, the Centre-Right will come united to the Hill, to propose to the President of the Republic that the Hon. Meloni, who has the right and the duty to lead the country out of the crisis”. And “despite the malicious reconstructions, I have always worked for this, even on the occasion of the vote for the president of the Senate. I will continue to do so, as a senator of the Republic or in any role that President Berlusconi thought he could indicate to me”.

Melons against the left

A message, that of Ronzulli, which arrives the day when the Center-right tries to regroup and Giorgia Meloni launches the attack of the opposition. “After the interrupted attacks” against the formation of the new government, writes Meloni on Facebook, “rest your soul: we are here to revive our nation. It will be a bumpy road, but we will do our best. Never giving up.”

Melons and Letta. Photo Ansa / Fabio Frustaci

“The broken attacks of the left in recent days – writes Giorgia Meloni on Facebook – represent a real insult to the citizens who have chosen by whom to be represented. I understand that for these representatives it may seem at least abnormal to see parties which have the possibility of governing with the support of the Italians (they are not used to it) but whether they like it or not, it is democracy “.

Totomistri of the Meloni government. First row top from left: Giorgia Meloni, Giovanbattista Fazzolari, Undersecretary to the Prime Minister (or Program Implementation), Giancarlo Giorgetti in Economics, Antonio Tajani at Farnesina, Matteo Piantedosi at Viminale, Carlo Nordio at Justice. Middle row from left: Adolfo Urso at La Défense, Guido Crosetto at Economic Development, Matteo Salvini at Infrastructure, Gian Marco Centinaio at Agriculture, Roberto Calderoli at Reforms, Simona Baldassarre at Family and Birth Rate . Last row from left: Elisabetta Casellati in public administration, Annamaria Bernini in university, Paolo Zangrillo or Guido Bertolaso ​​in health, Alberto Barachini or Gianpaolo Rossi in cultural heritage. Photo Ansa

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