Benedetta Rossi, she is not exactly what you imagine: in costume she is unrecognizable



We’re not used to seeing Benedetta Rossi without her trusty red-and-white apron away from her beloved kitchen, but she, too, decided to post a photo in a swimsuit while relaxing. The photo will leave you speechless.

Benedetta Rossi is one of the most beloved and followed food bloggers of all time. With his sweet treats, likability and distinctive accent, he has entertained millions of fans for years. We have all at least once quoted his motto strictly with a thumbs-up. We thought we knew everything about her, but this new shot will blow your mind.

Benedetta Rossi, Marco and Nuvola Solocine.it

We are used to seeing her always behind the stove to teach us how to cook many recipes that are easy for everyone, but always new and delicious. Or rather recipes that are easy to make, thanks to his clear way of explaining to us how to combine the ingredients. With his sympathy, he has entertained us for a long time with his program Homemade for you and with his books.

It all started like this…

Benedetta Rossi has always had a passion for cooking, but she never took it up as an activity, she always saw this talent as a hobby. Then, thanks to a person working on his farm who advised him to open a page online, everything changed. The story began then. Together with their trusted and ever-present husband, Marco, they started this business together which led to the results we all know.

The body shaming suffered by Benedetta Rossi

Despite her likability and talent, Benedetta Rossi unfortunately doesn’t just have fans who adore her, but also the so-called haters who shamed her body for her looks, with very mean and stinging comments. Despite this, Benedetta lives her life with Marco and their dog Nuvola, often showing up on her social channel smiling, “to the face.” To teach the haters a lesson, she wanted to post a photo of herself in costume with her husband, as they enjoy a relaxing day at the Montegrotto spa.

Benedetta Rossi at the Solocine.it spa

What fans saw amazed them. In fact, Benedetta Rossi is a beautiful woman even without an apron. With her blue one-piece swimsuit and her dazzling smile, she has nothing to envy to her fellow bloggers.

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