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Bella Thorne launches her jewelry line



What if we told you that Bella Thorne launched her first jewelry brand? The actress showed a preview on Instagram on her birthday.

Bella Thorne does not give up her romantic soul and showed it with a new fashion experience. The actress, beloved on Time Is Up, showed her Instagram followers a preview of her debut jewelry collection, which launched on October 8, 2022, her 25th birthday.

Bella ThorneCredits: Bella Thorne / Instagram / Sonny Matson

As the actress explained, her beginnings in the world of jewelry want to tell stories of love. Her brand, Thorne, will create several capsule collections made up of certain pieces that will tell their own story.

Bella Thorne and her first jewelry line

The first collection is titled Vol 1 Rose & Reign and consists of 32 pieces ranging from rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. For Bella Thorne, this mark is a token of love for an important figure in her family. As the actress said, “My dad always said he wanted a Thorne dynasty, so this is a love letter to him.” The jewels offered by the actress in each capsule collection are handcrafted by historic artisans in the heart of Los Angeles. In a press release, as reported by WWD, he then added, “Jewellery is one of the most common heirlooms and when a piece is passed down it always comes with a story.”

Bella ThorneCredits: Bella Thorne / Instagram

This is why he has chosen to make each piece in his collections a great story, a love that does not fear the passage of time and that unites. The first collection does not renounce glamor, it works with metals mixed with materials such as 24-carat gold-plated brass, pearls and crystals. And it’s a true statement of style from Bella Thorne, which is evidenced in a campaign willingly circulated on social networks in which she even wears a queen’s tiara. To describe the first Rosa and Regno collection, the brand explains in a note: “Two opposing impulses live in the shadows, but what happens at dawn? Rose & Reign explores the charm of conflict. Hand-strung crystal beads are tangled in barbed wire, while petals soften and daggers pierce.”

Bella ThorneCredits: Bella Thorne / Instagram / Sonny Matson

For the actress, this is her first jewelry experience. However, some time ago, she had already made her contribution to the beauty sector by launching a Filthy Fangs makeup collection. Her popularity increased after announcing her engagement to Benjamin Mascolo. Together they starred in a sentimental drama titled Time Is Up. The Game of Love sequel will soon be released on Prime Video also here in Italy. In the meantime, however, their story has come to an end: they announced the separation on social networks and this marriage, so dreamed of by the fans, was naturally canceled.

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