Belen Rodriguez, stay with him in bed: Stefano has to go sleep somewhere else



Belen Rodriguez made a shocking revelation that earned her a lot of criticism from internet users, but she doesn’t care and goes her way. In Latvian, he sleeps with him several times, he is the most important man in his life and Stefano De Martino has not made any reason.

Belen Rodriguez has recently found love for her husband Stefano De Martino and is trying to juggle her professional life with her family as best she can. She certainly has a few tricks up her sleeve compared to a “normal” working mom.

Belen Rodriguez Solocine.it

Despite these aids, she tries to arrive on time in the evening to prepare dinner for her children and her husband. The host and model revealed to the microphones of “Di Più Tv”, that despite her love for her husband, she sleeps in bed with another man, almost every night and does not care if she is criticized.

Belen Rodriguez, mother and full-time worker

Belen Rodriguez, as we know, recently reunited with her husband Stefano De Martino, father of her eldest son Santiago. The Argentine naturalized Italian showgirl had a brief flirtation with the gieffino Antonino Spinalbese, from whom her second daughter Luna Marì was born. For Stefano, as Belen also stated, it doesn’t change the fact that the child is another man’s daughter, he loves her as much as his biological son. Rodriguez has not only reached her family peak, but also at the professional level, she now has many projects in play, including hosting Le Iene and Tu si que vales.

The vice he doesn’t want to take away from her… he takes advantage of it as much as he can

Belen Rodriguez said she always puts her children first in her life. When she comes home from work, she puts aside all the events of worldly life to be with her children. Always try to cook dinner for them, especially spaghetti with tomato sauce, which they love. She manages to manage her family life with her professional life also thanks to the help of the babysitter and her parents who moved to the same building as her daughter to help her full time with the children.

Belen Rodriguez and Santiago Solocine.it

Many criticized her after Belen Rodriguez said she let Santiago sleep in her bed between mom and dad almost every night.

“It’s a vice, I know, some friends reproach me for it. But I don’t care: I’m enjoying it while it lasts, because I’m sure that, in a short time, he won’t want to stay in Latvian with me anymore”.

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