Belen Rodriguez Gives Michelle a Special Gift: The Shocking Reaction



Model Belen Rodriguez gave host Michelle Hunziker a nice gift. That’s what it’s about.

Not everyone knows that Belen Rodriguez and Michelle Hunziker, in addition to being colleagues, are also very good friends. The two often see each other outside of television studios and get along very well, so much so that they often exchange gifts. This happened not so long ago, when the Argentinian model sent a special package to her friend. But what did it contain? The Swiss presenter showed the fans everything.

Belen Rodriguez and Michelle Hunziker – Solocine.it

Without a doubt, the two are among the most important women in Italian show business. Neither was born here in Italy, but moved here as little girls. Belen came from Argentina when she was around eighteen, looking for luck. For a time he worked as a cubist in nightclubs, but the first opportunities came on television and on the catwalks. The colleague also moved to Milan when she was around the same age, but from Switzerland. After several doors in the face, she started working as a model and soon became very famous also on television.

The relationship between the two is very close, so much so that they often exchange gifts. What did the Striscia presenter hear from the news?

Belen Rodriguez and Michelle Hunziker, the very appreciated gift

Belen Rodriguez and Michelle Hunziker are also known for their love life. After a relationship of a few years with Antonino Spinalbese, the first is back with her husband Stefano De Martino, while the second seems to be getting closer to the former partner Tomaso Trussardi.

Apart from being an important showgirl and model, Belen Rodriguez is also a very successful entrepreneur. Not only a few years ago did he open his first restaurant with Joe Bastianich and other partners, but in 2015 he also founded two fashion brands, Me Fui and HINNOMINATE, which quickly gained great public acceptance. .

The story of Michelle Hunziker – Solocine.it

Belen then gifted her friend a HINNOMINATE jumpsuit for her youngest daughters, Sole and Celeste. Michelle Hunziker loved the idea and showed off the clothes through a few stories on her Instagram account. “My friend Belén sent me a nice jumpsuit for my daughters and also one for me in this powdery color that I love so much… it’s beautiful, thank you Belencita”.

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