Beijing Express 2023, the participating couples are official: the Olympic champion is also present



The participants of Beijing Express, the next edition of the very popular traveling reality show and couple, have been formalized

In 2023, one of the most popular reality shows for Italian viewers will return. Beijing Express is ready to delight everyone with fun and exciting new adventures, always streaming on Sky TV.

Costantino della Gherardesca (web source)

A reality very different from the others, above all because it is a real competition in pairs, with a final finish line. But also for the geographical and cultural interest, since the participants are called upon to carry out real circuits.

In the meantime, Sky today unveiled the competing pairs for the next edition of Beijing Express. Important news and surprises in the casting, which however lack elements such as Alex Belli and Delia Duran, who according to some rumors could have been part of the program but would have been discarded in extremis.

All the participants of Beijing Express 2023: many familiar faces and an absolute champion

As usual, nine couples will leave next year for Asia. The 2023 edition of Beijing Express will develop between India, Malaysian Borneo and Cambodia.

The presence of Olympic champion Federica Pellegrini stands out above all. The swimmer extraordinaire, who recently bid farewell to competitions, will be paired with her new husband Matteo Giunta, also her latest coach.

Also present in the cast, another former sports champion, footballer Totò Schillaci, the hero of the “magical nights” of Italia 90. But also Joe Bastianich, humorist Dario Vergassola and Martina Colombari. Here is the list of participating couples:

Giorgia Soleri and FederippiAlessandra Demichelis and Lara PicardiJoe Bastianich and Andrea BelfioreDario and Caterina VergassolaMartina Colombari and Achille CostacurtaFederica Pellegrini and Matteo GiuntaCarolina Stramare and Barbara PrezjaSalvatore Schillaci and Barbara LombardoMaria Rosa Petolicchio and Andrea Di Piero

Our new travelers are ready to board: the new @PechinoExpress adventure will develop between India, Malaysian Borneo and Cambodia. Coming soon on Sky#BeijingExpress pic.twitter.com/LtWBiFo1sg

— Sky (@SkyItalia) October 22, 2022

There’s still no specific date for Beijing Express 2023 to air, but it could air on Sky in the spring, immediately after Masterchef ends. One thing is certain: Costantino Della Gherardesca will remain at the helm of reality TV, as a well-established and still highly regarded owner.

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