‘Bed Rest’: Terror with new ‘Scream’ protagonist Melissa Barrera gets her premiere date



According to Deadline, “Bed Rest”, the new horror starring Melissa Barrera – who will star in the next film in the “Scream” franchise – has won its release date.

The supernatural feature will be officially released on July 15.

In the plot…

“After years of trying to start a family, Julie Rivers (Barrera) is pregnant again and moves into a new home with her husband as they try to make a fresh start. Upon receiving the mandatory bed rest order, Julie begins to feel uncomfortable as she suffers from the monotony and anxiety of her new restrictions. Soon, terrifying and ghostly experiences in the house begin to take hold of Julie, awakening her past demons and causing others to question her mental stability. Trapped and forced to face her past and the supernatural, Julie struggles to protect herself and her unborn child.

Lori Evans Taylor, who was recently hired to write the screenplay for the new ‘Premonition’, will direct it.

New information should be published soon.

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