Beautiful, who will choose Ridge between Brooke and Taylor? The actor’s spoiler



Ridge will find himself making a very difficult choice between love for Brooke and love for Taylor. What will the boss of Forrester Creations choose? Here’s what Thorsten Kaye, the actor who plays him, revealed, and the American advances.

Beautiful’s American advances reveal that Ridge will be disappointed with Brooke’s behavior. He’ll then start to think that maybe getting back together with Taylor might be the right thing to do. It is also to please the two children he had in the past by the wife, Thomas and Steffy.

Beautiful, what will be the choice of Ridge between Brooke and Taylor? (Instagram pic).

Ridge was torn for many years between love for Brooke and Taylor. It all started when Ridge’s wife, Caroline Spencer Forrester, fell ill with leukemia. The attending physician was Taylor himself, while Brooke was already his mistress. The dying woman asked them both to take care of Ridge, thus beginning the love triangle.

Beautiful, Ridge’s choice between Brooke and Taylor

Thorsten Kaye, who currently plays Ridge on Beautiful, stepped in to tell her about the choice her character will have to make between Brooke and Taylor. The actor recognizes that it is very difficult to choose between two very different types of femininity. Taylor, who is often portrayed as a heroine, also has her dark side.

Beautiful, the affection between Brooke and Ridge (photo Instagram).

Brooke, on the other hand, now seems to be unknowingly hurting Ridge. Her husband, indeed, is also ready to think that she is lying to him when the social workers come to check on Thomas’ conditions and she declares herself a stranger to everything that is going on. The child, born of Brooke and Deacon’s relationship, was first recognized as a child by Ridge.

Here is the video that reveals what will happen in the next episodes

According to Thorsten Kaye, choosing between Brooke and Taylor will be a bit like choosing between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, that is, between two beautiful and unique, truly special women. Watching the American episodes, however, he seems to be able to understand what will be the final choice that Ridge will make when he finds himself spending a few days in Aspen. Beautiful, what will be the choice of Ridge between Brooke and Taylor? (Instagram pic).

Ridge will declare himself to Taylor, saying that he understands that he wants to spend his life with her. The entrepreneur will also specify that his choice will not be made thinking of his children, but only of them two and of the feelings that he has understood for a long time. What will Taylor’s reaction be at this point? Will he agree to start the relationship again?

Here’s a spoiler for Ridge’s declaration of love to Aspen:

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