Beautiful, sensational anticipations: breathtaking scene, love will burst



Previews of the next episodes of Beautiful, the long-running and very famous American soap opera based on the world of haute couture

Without a doubt, The Beautiful is the quintessential number one American soap opera of all time. The show, now lively and very famous, has always been talked about for the many twists and turns written by the screenwriters.

Brooke and Ridge in Beautiful (web source)

Beautiful continues undeterred to keep company with old and new generations of viewers around the world. And the plots never cease to surprise, as confirmed by the latest advances regarding the next episodes.

Brooke Logan’s character continues to hold ground. Absolute protagonist, the blonde interpreter will see the marriage with Ridge now in the end credits. One scene in particular will surprise viewers and make people talk about them like in the most classic soap opera plots.

Brooke and Liam, new couple in Beautiful: the scene leaves viewers in no doubt

Brooke in tears after her breakup with Ridge is first comforted by Bill Spencer. But the woman, to avoid boring and not very simple things, will decide to delete the latter.

But then young Liam, Bill’s son, will console her. A touching and rather special scene could be the prelude to a new affair, typical of Beautiful: will Liam and his stepmother Brooke have a story? Liam Spencer (websource)

While waiting to find out, the two will still keep a secret in common. Liam will prevent Logan from starting to drink again, when she has entered the vicious circle of alcoholism. The woman will ask her young “friend” not to reveal anything to the rest of the family. But juicy developments are expected.

Not only that in upcoming episodes of Beautiful. There is also talk of a sensational rapprochement between Carter and Katie. At first, the former lovers will seem to have a new and renewed feeling, but everything will be put aside to reunite the lawyer and Quinn. But when Fuller finally leaves Los Angeles, Katie, archiving the story with Bill Spencer, could try again with Carter.

Belle never disappoints. After so many years of television history, the high fashion soap opera continues to amaze with captivating, if sometimes paradoxical and redundant, plots.

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