Be careful with your accounts: here is the latest scam from telephone operators



Pay attention to your accounts: here is the latest scam from telephone operators. You have to be very careful not to lose your money.

Even registration in the register of objections does not protect users from these dirty maneuvers of computer crooks. The latest incriminated messages exploit the name of Amazon.

Scam messages to high risk bank account (Facebook)

Protecting yourself from cyber scams has become almost impossible. Whether it’s SMS or e-mail, phishing is really always around the corner. The bad guys send out constant stings, using known brand names to lower user defenses. Being able to discern between a genuine warning and a scam is nearly impossible. The only way is to completely ignore everything, possibly waiting to be contacted by the real stakeholders. In the last period, the danger seems to come from telephone operators and their irregular calls. Even being on the so-called opposition register list does not protect us from everything. Spam and unwanted phone calls reach us the same way and we have to be very careful not to see our savings compromised. Let’s see how.

Be careful with your accounts, they use investments on Amazon to transmit new scams: how to avoid them

The new scam to empty the current account (Facebook)

The phone scam that is all the rage right now is claiming a lot of victims. Concretely, it uses a recorded voice that leads the user to accept a proposal to buy Amazon shares, promising rather simple and immediate financial gains. With the economic difficulties of this period, many end up taking the bait. The malicious call center drops many numbers in its network.

Investing in Amazon is possible and therefore the proposition may seem truthful. However, the maneuver must be performed in a studied and careful manner. Obviously not by a simple phone call, without digging into the subject. This should make us suspicious to the point of letting go of any talk.

The first rule is not to provide any personal references over the phone, whether documents or sensitive data, as the latter can be used to create fake accounts and create online scams. If you want to trade in this way, it is better to choose safe platforms and move independently without suspicious clues. In this way, you will be sure to face a transparent transaction without third parties.

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