Be careful not to always eat this brand of spaghetti: that’s why



Pasta is a fundamental food in the daily diet of every Italian. According to some statistics, at least once we consume a nice plate of spaghetti: to decide whether it is lunch or dinner, it is the various work commitments. However, many still believe that it would be better to avoid consuming it because it is a food rich in calories and therefore fattening. This is absolutely not the case: certainly they are carbohydrates, but it does not make you fat if they are consumed in the right doses and especially with the right seasoning.

Pasta, more than our enemy, we must consider it our ally. Probably few will know that pasta can help us fight blood sugar: blood sugar tells us the level of sugar in our blood. If we eat the pasta al dente and not overcooked, it will not increase the glycemic index keeping it stable. This happens because the pasta is the most cooked

The greater the amount of water it can absorb and therefore also the sugar in circulation. We therefore try to respect the cooking times indicated. Another great advantage of spaghetti is that it helps us stay in shape, but we must choose whole pasta. This, in addition to containing the fibers, mineral salts and all the antioxidants that our body needs, helps us to slow down the assimilation of sugars and makes us feel satiety first.

Spaghetti is eaten with the sauce: it is the sauce that is capable of making us absorb a lot of superfluous calories, so we must learn to use the right ones and above all the right quantities. The secret is to often use fibers and proteins because they help us eat with taste, help us keep the line and guarantee us intestinal well-being. Moreover, they do not even affect the line, so they are perfect for those who follow a low calorie diet. It is therefore essential to take vegetables.

The best are zucchini, eggplant and broccoli. It is also excellent to use sauces based on meat or fish: in this case, too, the doses are fundamental. Experts advise us to take about 80g of pasta a day, all seasoned with a tablespoon of raw extra virgin olive oil. In recent years, we have understood how fundamental it is to rely on the advice given to us by experts in the sector, which is why they are committed to using all possible means to make a concrete dissemination of the notions that can improve many aspects of our daily life.

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